Dwight Howard Lets it All Out: NBA News at YouWager

Even when online sports betting fans and the Los Angeles Lakers don’t know yet do not yet what Dwight Howard will do next season, the star player made his feelings about coach Mike D’Antoni known before starting his offseason.

It’s been almost three weeks since the 27 year-old players had his exit interview with Los Angeles and he hasn’t said anything since.

Even though Howard hasn’t had anything to say to the press, he did have a lot to say to Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak back before going completely silent.

Sources have stated that part of the discussion between Howard and Kupchak centered around the player’s frustration with D’Antoni — especially how the player felt marginalized as the coach looked to Bryant and Steve Nash for leadership and suggestions and discounted the center’s opinion.

Howard as well as every other player was given the chance to meet with Kupchak individually after D’Antoni left the room, however few spent as much time as Howard and Kupchak did together.

Antawn Jamison also had a separate meeting with Kupchak without D’Antoni present, nevertheless this meeting was about a scheduling conflict.

According to Kupchak the meeting with Howard was “hopeful” and “optimistic” in regards to the player coming back to play with the Lakers next season and beyond.

However, there have been several developments in the last couple weeks that could have an effect on 3x NBA Defensive Player of the Year’s decision.

Howard has not give any interviews since the standard exit interview with the press and has only tweeted six times in that span – no related to the situation. Therefore, YouWager experts believe it’s safe to say there have been no public clues about what Howard’s decision will be.

The Georgia native is currently on vacation in the meantime as free agency slowly creeps in.