New York Jets running back Mike Goodson faces drug and weapons charges

The late Warren Zevon could have been singing about Mike Goodson’s troubles when he wrote his infamous ballad. In the song, Zevon claims he was an innocent bystander, caught up in something truly awful, and he pleads for his father to help get him. Unfortunately, Goodson’s dad is unable to offer much support at this time. Because he’s doing time.

This could cost Goodson more than the bail money. The New York Jets already cut two players after they were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Claude Davis, a defensive end, and Cliff Harris, a cornerback were arrested two weeks ago in Morristown, New Jersey, a town some distance from where Goodson’s encounter. The Jets training camp is in Florham Park. League officials assured NFL players not long ago that their drug testing program would not be concerned about casual or recreational drugs, but being caught with a substance that is still illegal in some states, is, apparently, another matter.

After playing for Texas A&M, Goodson, originally from Spring, Texas, Goodson was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the fourth round. He played three seasons for the Panthers, then a season for the Oakland Raiders. In March, the New York Jets signed Goodson to a three-year, $6.9 million deal –plus a $1 million signing bonus.

During the 2012 NFL football wagering season, Goodson was a backup for Oakland’s Darren McFadden. During the year, Goodson ran 221 yards and caught 16 passes and gained 95 yards. Many of YouWager’s sharper football bettors thought New York’s new offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, wanted Goodson for his speed. Mornhinweg was the head coach of the Detroit Lions at one time. But for the last 6 seasons, he was the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles.

This is not the first time that Goodson’s behavior has gotten him in trouble. At a preseason game in the 2009 NFL football betting season, for the Carolina Panthers, against the New York Giants, some YouWager bettors may remember the strange, throat-cutting gesture that Goodson made to the crowd after a touchdown.

Goodson was flagged for the gesture and fined $7,500. But he was so fast on the ground. Some YouWager bettors say at times, Goodson only weighed 190 lbs. so far, he has played in 40 games in the NFL, rushed for 722 yards and made 3 touchdowns on 160 carries. He also has 59 receptions for 524 yards and a touchdown.

According to State Police Sergeant Adam Grossman, Goodson, 25, and a friend, Garant Evans, 31, were discovered, in a stopped car in the left lane of I-80 near Denville, New Jersey. Goodson was not driving. Sergeant Grossman told a YouWager news source that the two men were charged with possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and weapons offenses. These included charges for a 45-caliber handgun, and a hollow-point bullet that was discovered inside the car. Evans also was charged with DWI, traffic violations and possession of a weapon with a prior felony. Because of his physical condition, Goodson was first taken to a local hospital, to be evaluated. He was then taken away, in the custody of the police. Goodson’s bail was set at $50,000.

If you are a hot-shot running back for the New York Jets, worth millions, does what happens in Jersey, stay in Jersey?

An official spokesman for the New York Jets would not risk revealing any details of reactions from the club’s front office to YouWager’s source. He said, very carefully, “This is a pending legal matter. There will be no further comment until the legal process has run its course.”