Recently, Robert Griffin Jr., Robert Griffin III’s father, spoke to a YouWager news source about the way his son’s special skills were being used on the field, by Washington’s head coach, Mike Shanahan. Griffin doesn’t want to see his son run so much. Or get hurt.

Griffin, Jr. told YouWager’s source, “I just know that based on what I know Robert can do, he doesn’t have to be a runner as much as I saw last year. To me, you’re paying these [receivers] a lot of money to catch the football. I’m his dad — I want him throwing that football, a lot. A lot.”

When the Redskins quarterback was asked about his father’s comments, RG3 made no apologies. That’s what concerned parents do, he said. He told YouWager’s source, “I don’t have a leash on my parents. They’re my parents, guys. And I love my dad. So I talked to him after I heard what he said, and I told him thank you, because that’s what he’s supposed to say, as my father. Yeah, he doesn’t want to see me running out there. He wants to see me throwing the ball. He’s the one who trained me. He knows what I can do. Coach knows what I can do. So it’s not that I agree or disagree with what he said. I was just proud of the fact that he stood up and said something.”

No surprise to skeptical sportsbook bettors, Griffin says his knee ‘feels great’ after the surgery, and that he and his coach are just fine. Griffin told YouWager’s source, “There was an unfortunate situation there at the end of the season. I don’t think there’s anything that needs to be repaired. Obviously we all just need to move forward and continue to just let that bad taste that was in everybody’s mouth just get out and move forward to the next year. The only thing that needed a repair from last year was my knee. And that is repaired, and I’m ready to go.”

Griffin has suggested he might play as early as the 1st regular game of the 2013 NFL football betting season, but his head coach is not making any promises just yet. If the Redskins have a special plan to protect their star rookie QB, Coach Mike Shanahan would not admit to it. Shanahan did say that option-style elements in Washington’s offense should help, and keep the quarterback safe by halting the pass rushes from opponents. Shanahan told YouWager’s source, “Remember, the zone read probably gave Robert more time in the pocket than anything you could do in the National Football League. We’re going to try to protect Robert as much as we can. We’re going to let him do the things that we think he does the best, and hopefully it’ll be as productive.” Shanahan stressed the ‘options,’ saying, “We really don’t know what defenses are going to do to us,” “I can’t tell you for sure. You adjust the game plan during the game. Defenses are going to be more ready for different things we did last year. And we’ll be able to adjust.”

As the online wagering community watches to see just how soon Griffin will really start, injured players like wide receiver Pierre Garcon, and tight end Fred Davis have spoken about Griffin’s ability and dedication in their practice sessions. Left tackle Trent Williams says, “He works his butt off every day.”

TE Davis echoed Griffin’s surgeon’s assessment, that the rookie is a kind of Superman. Davis told YouWager’s source, “After he got his surgery, he was already walking around, like an alien. I don’t know if he’s real.” Davis knows something about recovery. In week 7 of the 2012 NFL football wagering season Davis tore his Achilles tendon. He thinks RG3 is way ahead of schedule. “I mean, you could never probably tell that he messed up his knee, the way that he’s coming out and rolling out and throwing the ball as well as he is,” he said.


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