Michael Vick says he’s the fastest. Ndamukong Suh wants everyone to think he is the meanest.

But who is the biggest in the NFL?

One very large young man is trying to convince the St. Louis Rams that bigger is even better for their team. That young man is Terrell Brown, and he weighs in at more than 400 pounds. Some YouWager bettors may remember the YouTube clip that featured Brown on the sidelines of an Ole Miss football game during the 2011 college football wagering season. In the clip, it was clear that a folding chair could not contain a person of Brown’s enormous size.

The giant from Mississippi was in the news again recently when he signed with the Rams as an undrafted free agent. When he played for Mississippi, Brown was listed in the school programs as 6-foot-10, and 385 pounds. Apparently, he is still growing. He weighs quite a bit more now.

Jeff Fisher, head coach of the St. Louis Rams, told a YouWager news source, “Actually, we weighed him in at 403. We had him in for the tryout, and he had some issues that we had to clear up from a physical standpoint. He got them put behind him. We worked him out on both sides of the ball — defensive line, offensive line — and we felt like his best position would be right tackle. ‘Bou’ [Offensive line coach Paul T. Boudreau] said he’d love to have him. He’s gone this far. He got through practice. He’s a defensive lineman that we’ve converted over to offensive line. We just have to get the camera, the tape from the top of the tower. He might be able to block some kicks.”

Should the sports betting public be concerned? Can we expect to see more 400 lb. players in the NFL, soon? YouWager’s older NFL football wagering fans may recall a lot of discussion when William “The Refrigerator” Perry topped the scales at 300. At the time, some people thought Perry was a freak of nature. Now, in today’s National Football League, many football bettors seem to think a lineman is small if he is under 300 pounds. It only takes one player to change a standard, some sportsbook bettors say. Imagine a 400 pound standard for linemen, or tackles.

It will take a Superman to survive a 400 pound pounding.

That day may be a little farther away. Terrell Brown’s future in the NFL is still uncertain at this point. One scout admits the man does not look fat at all. He’s just HUGE, he told YouWager’s source. In the 2011 season, Brown played in 8 games as a defensive tackle, but the word on the street is, don’t bet on Brown just yet. Right now, he is considered to be a long shot to make the team, say some football experts.

If Brown does make the Rams, he will be one of the heaviest players to play in the NFL. But he won’t be the first to weigh over 400 pounds, believe it or not. A top football analyst at YouWager reminds us that offensive tackle Aaron Gibson, played for the Detroit Lions, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bears, and he weighed 410 pounds.