SEC Might Add One More Game to Conference: College Football News at YouWager

Even though the SEC would like to keep the number of conference games at eight, coaches and athletic directors have agreed that a move to nine is what’s most likely will happen.

YouWager experts learned that the head coaches voted 13-1 to stay at eight conference games and the only coach voting for nine conference games was Alabama Crimson Tide’s Nick Saban.

According to Larry Templeton, who has headed up scheduling during the SEC’s transition to 14 schools, a rotation has been approved through 2026 that would include eight conference games with six divisional rivals, one permanent cross-divisional rival and one rotating cross-divisional rival.

That rotation will begin next year, however bettors wonder just for how long will that format remain the same.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive has stated he does not really know the 2014 schedule will be finalized this week at the SEC spring meetings. He has not stated if he’s in favor of going to nine conference games. However, Slive was very verbal about the importance of SEC schools upgrading their nonconference schedules.

Alabama’s Athletic Director Bill Battle and Tennessee’s Dave Hart have accepted that they do anticipate the SEC going to nine conference games in the future..

However, according to Battle it’s even more important that SEC schools play at least 10 “good” games.

South Carolina Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier has said that the financial reward of playing nine conference games probably would be too lucrative for the SEC to decline in the next years. Still, he likes the idea of being able to schedule attractive nonconference college football games.