The Oakland Raiders? Yes, you read that right, Oakland. Could this team give YouWager’s football wagering enthusiasts a big turnaround in the 2013 NFL football betting season? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Some NFL analysts point out that with an improved defense and fairly easy schedule could make a big difference for this club.

The opportunity is there, experts say. While YouWager’s serious football bettors already know that the team has been going through a major renovation, to reboot and rebuild, some analysts admit that the team already looks stronger than last year’s model. Reggie McKenzie, the team’s general manager, has had his work cut out for him. Some sharp sportsbook bettors say the way McKenzie attacked the draft and went after free agents, could lift the Raiders from the bottom of the AFC.

Offense? What offense?

In the 2012 NFL football wagering season, Oakland’s awful offense was directed by Greg Knapp, an offensive coordinator with a dubious record. Knapp, Carson Palmer, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Brandon Myers are no longer with Oakland.

New Offensive Coordinator Greg Olsen should bring the kind of power-blocking system the Raiders will need to protect an inexperienced quarterback, or keep Darren McFadden healthy. They’ll need improvement with their receivers as well.

Defense! Defense!

In the 2012 NFL football betting season, the Oakland Raiders had one of the worst pass defenses in the National Football League. The run defense was dismal also. YouWager’s football wagering fans should expect to see a much-improved defense this season, stacked with the new players that GM McKenzie has acquired. Special teams should get a boost, too.

No one is suggesting yet that the Raiders will make it to the playoffs in 2013. However, due to the aggressive way that McKenzie dropped millions from the team, and invested in their players, some of YouWager’s dedicated football bettors seem to think that the Raiders have no where to go but up this year. Many feel the Raiders will also be aided by a schedule that appears to be a much easier lineup.

Because the team has added so many new players, building chemistry will be crucial, Dennis Allen, Oakland’s head coach, says. He told a YouWager’s news source, “We’re looking to identify who are those leaders going to be on the whole team. Those are the things that have got to come out as we finish up these OTAs, mini-camp and we get into training camp.”