Eric Mangini is back.

YouWager’s most dedicated NFL football wagering enthusiasts will remember the name. He’s been on TV, and before that, he worked on the football field. Formerly a head coach for the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets, Eric Mangini was recently named senior offensive consultant for the San Francisco 49ers. Some sportsbook bettors were surprised to hear this. Mangini, they say, has mainly been known for defense.

However, like this sudden announcement, there are many surprising wrinkles in the biography of the 42 year-old coach.

He was coaching before he left college. In his college days, Mangini played nose tackle for Wesleyan University. He still holds the school’s record for sacks in a season. During his junior and senior years, Mangini also found a way to coach a semi-professional football team in Melbourne, Australia. They won two regional championships.Mangini became a member of the same Chi Psi Fraternity that hero Bill Belichick had joined at Wesley 20 years earlier. Mangini soon managed to work for Belichick, then with the Cleveland Browns, and they worked together for nine NFL seasons.

Belichick was so impressed with Mangini that he promoted the young man to several positions, and ultimately made him an offensive assistant. Mangini was briefly on the offensive coaching staff for the Baltimore Ravens in the 1996 NFL football wagering season. Then he re-joined Belichick, this time, to help the New York Jets rebuild their defense. When Belichick went to the New England Patriots, he made Mangini his defensive backs coach. As any serious YouWager bettor can tell you, they shared three Super Bowl victories.

When the New York Jets hired Mangini in 2006, at 35, he became the youngest head coach in the NFL. Mangini led the Jets to a 10-6 record and a postseason game they lost to the Patriots. Next, Mangini was named head coach of the Cleveland Browns. At the time, he was only the second coach in the history of the team to have any experience as a head coach. Maybe that should have been a sign. This time around, in Cleveland, Mangini was not very successful. He was fired after two 5-11 seasons in a row. YouWager bettors have probably seen Mangini as an NFL analyst on ESPN in the last two years.

Now Mangini’s analysis will go directly to help Colin Kaepernick and friends fix the problems that prevented them from winning the Lombardi Trophy. Mangini told a YouWager news source, “This is a good system. They went to the Super Bowl last year, they went to the NFC championship the year before. They’re doing so many things right I just want to find a way to complement them.”

Through a chance encounter, Mangini met Jim Harbaugh last fall, and they became friends. They stayed in touch. Harbaugh clearly respects Mangini’s opinion. He told YouWager’s source,  “I feel like we added a really talented, knowledgeable coach. He’ll look at how defenses prepare for us and where we can attack defenses. That’s what his role will be.”

Mangini was enthusiastic as he told YouWager’s source how excited he was to be back in the NFL. “I just want to help,” he said. “Whatever that means, whatever that evolves into, the most important thing to me is to help.”