A-Rod Denies Allegations: MLB News at YouWager

According to Tony Bosch back in March he asked Alex Rodriguez for financial help after Major League Baseball filed a lawsuit. However, A-Rod has denied these allegations.

The Daily News has cited a source that guaranteed that the 37 year-old New York Yankees star rebuffed Bosch’s request for money which were reportedly hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Soon there after, Bosch went to MLB.

In exchange for Bosch’s full cooperation, the league will drop the lawsuit it filed against Bosch in March.

While A-Rod remained silent Wednesday about the latest Biogenesis allegations, two of the biggest names in the Yankees’ clubhouse offered unconditional support.

Both Mariano Rivera and CC Sabathia have offered their unconditional support regardless of the outcome of MLB investigation into the star player’s alleged performance-enhancing drug use.

Earlier this week, OTL reported that MLB might seek a 100-game suspension for Rodriguez.

YouWager experts learned that one source stated the commissioner’s office would make the argument that Rodriguez’s connection to Bosch would constitute one offense and Rodriguez’s previous statements denying such a relationship would come in second.

When thinking aboutthe collective bargaining agreement between MLB and the MLB Players Association, a first performance-enhancing drug offense results in a 50-game suspension, while a second is 100.