Well, well, well. Just when YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans thought they had seen the last of Tim Tebow, the New England Patriots announce that they have signed the young quarterback. The contract’s terms were not released to the general public. A YouWager news source disclosed, however, that it’s a two-year deal with no money guaranteed.

Chris Weinke, a former NFL quarterback has been working with the league’s most famous rookie QB, and he’s convinced Tebow, 25, can still pull off a career in pro football. Weinke told YouWager’s source, “Like I told Tim when I found out [Monday] that he signed, ‘You’re locked and loaded, ready to go.’”

Tebow will be reunited with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Now with the Patriots, McDaniels worked with Tebow when both were employed by the Denver Broncos. As serious sportsbook bettors know, New England’s head coach, Bill Belichick has a fondness for players he says are “tough, smart, and versatile.”Apparently, he feels Tebow has those qualities. Belichick has praised the young athlete to the mainstream sports media in the past.

Tebow’s last real start in an NFL game was Denver’s playoff loss to New England at the end of the 2011 NFL football betting season. Now that the Patriots have released backup quarterback Mike Kafka, it appears the stars may be aligning in Boston for him to play, in some capacity.

While many NFL wagering analysts accurately predicted that most teams would see Tebow as a polarizing figure, someone that brings the added distraction of a ‘media circus’ to the other headaches an NFL franchise has to manage, New England, they say, may be better equipped to deal with the media firestorm that surrounds Tebow.


Because, they say, if any coach can handle it, Belichick can. Also functioning as General Manager for the club, Belichik is the ultimate authority in New England, and he doesn’t let reporters bother him. As some of YouWager dedicated football bettors have pointed out in the past, Belichick doesn’t even answers questions if he doesn’t like them. He is the NFL’s longest tenured active head coach, and he is known for running a very tight ship. And he likes to experiment. Remember Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson? Unfortunately. Johnson’s antics off the field interfered with his duties on it.

YouWager’s football bettors saw Tebow help the Broncos win the AFC West in 2011 and defeat Pittsburgh in a wild-card playoff game before the Broncos traded him to the New York Jets. It appeared that the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner simply couldn’t get a slot on any team, but New England’s head coach is known to gamble on players that other teams have released. Clearly,the analysts say, Belichick sees something in the young man. And future press conferences should be very interesting, they say.