As most of YouWager’s NFL wagering fans have seen, Tim Tebow is not the first discarded player to be picked from the pile of unwanted players, for a renovation project with the Patriots. Head coach Bill Belichick seems to have a fondness for proving that he can make problematic players perform in ways that other clubs can’t.

Here’s a list of some of the players that worked, and some that didn’t.

Corey Dillon, running back

Dillon was thought to be a troublemaker when he was with the Cincinnati Bengals before they traded him to the Patriots in April of 2004. Then Dillon led the team in rushing over the next three NFL football betting season. Dillon was on the team that won the Lombardi Trophy in the 2004 season. But the Pats let him go in March of 2007.

Wes Welker, wide receiver

Welker wasn’t drafted after playing for Texas Tech in 2004. In his first three NFL seasons, he only made 96 receptions. New England got him in a trade they made with Miami. Then, as YouWager’s football wagering enthusiasts watched, Welker led the league for the next six seasons with 672 receptions. Last season, as a free agent, he signed with the Denver Broncos.

Randy Moss, wide receiver

From 1998 to 2004, Moss was one of the NFL’s most successful receivers. For the Minnesota Vikings. In his next two seasons, for the Oakland Raiders, Moss only made 102 receptions, and was known to be very unhappy about it. Then Moss was traded to the Pats. With New England, he broke an NFL record, with 23 touchdown receptions in 2007. New England sent Moss back to Minnesota in 2010.

Danny Woodhead, running back

The New York Jets released Woodhead after he only made 15 carries and 8 receptions in two seasons. The Pats signed Woodhead right after the first game of the 2010 NFL football wagering season. For New England, Woodhead was a strong backup, most of YouWager’s NFL wagering fans will agree. For three seasons, he rushed for 1,199 yards and caught 92 passes for 982 yards. Last season, Woodhead signed with the San Diego Chargers.

Chad Johnson, wide receiver

Johnson, AKA Ochocinco, made 67 receptions in eight of his ten NFL seasons with Cincinnati. In July of 2011, Cincinnati traded Johnson, then Ochocinco, to New England. But Ochocinco had difficulty learning Belichick’s new offensive strategy, and he only caught 15 passes for the Patriots, in his one and only season with the team.

Albert Haynesworth, defensive tackle

Haynesworth was a risky wager for Belichick, many YouWager bettors seemed to think. With the Washington Redskins, Haynesworth was known to fight with his head coach, Mike Shanahan. The Patriots acquired Haynesworth at the same time they got Ochocinco. Haynesworth only made 2 tackles in 6 NFL games and he was cut from the team

Aqib Talib, cornerback

Many of YouWager’s football bettors hoped Talib might improve New England’s secondary when the Patriots acquired him from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last November. He was known for trouble, off the field, however. Talib had already had two NFL suspensions. In May of 2011, Talib was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. However, New England re-signed Talib to a one-year contract.

How will Tim Tebow’s efforts be judged in the future? Only time will tell, admits an NFL analyst at YouWager. For once, he says, the online wagering community may actually be interested in what happens to the controversial quarterback.