Shaq Calls Dwight Howard ‘Too Nice’: NBA News at YouWager

Los Angeles NBA players are apparently becoming too nice.

Just one day after Chauncey Billups said his Los Angeles Clippers teammate Blake Griffin was “too nice,” Shaquille O’Neal also said Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard was “too nice” but was a little more pointed with his criticism.

Howard, 27, has followed a similar path in the league as O’Neal. He was the former No. 1 pick of the Orlando Magic and led the team to the NBA Finals before taking his “Superman” act to Hollywood to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even so, Howard, is thinking about leaving Los Angeles as a free agent this summer.

Some YouWager experts consider the pressure of playing in Los Angeles and living up to the legacy of former big men such as Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and O’Neal might be too much for Howard, who just might be happy in a small market with smaller expectations. O’Neal hopes that’s not the case with Howard.

Howard has heard O’Neal’s criticisms in the past and hasn’t given them much thought, however O’Neal said he’s hard on Howard because he wants him to be better than he is and live up to his full potential.