Will Tim Tebow be starting as a tight end for the New England Patriots in the 2013 NFL football wagering season?

With Aaron Hernandez under investigation, and Rob Gronkowski’s future still a question, some YouWager sportsbook bettors are speculating that this is what head coach Bill Belichick was planning all along. It isn’t a completely crazy idea, but it may just be a rumor.

Some insiders reported earlier, before Tebow signed with the Pats, that he might have to learn the duties required with a new position, to stay in the NFL. However, a few respected NFL analysts aren’t buying it. They are sticking to their guns. They tell YouWager that New England brought Tebow in to be a third-string quarterback. Tebow was always more effective running the ball than throwing it, they remind us. This could mean that Belichick is considering a Wildcat scheme. Also, Tebow is left-handed, and that would be an alternative to exploit, as both quarterback Tom Brady and backup Ryan Mallett are right-handed.

Owner Robert Kraft is said to be a big fan of Tebow’s. For once, having a clean-cut star could be a positive distraction as the team endures ugly headlines tied to Hernandez and a murder investigation.

The Patriots were aggressively shopping for tight ends when they signed former NY Giants TE, Jake Ballard. They already have Michael Hoomanwanui, and they signed two rookies, Zach Sudfeld, and Brandon Ford.

Gronkowski is expected to make a full recovery, from surgery on his arm and back, but NFL analysts at YouWager have doubts about him being ready for New England’s 2013 opener against the Buffalo Bills. Hernandez also had surgery during the offseason, on his shoulder. Good thing the Pats have loaded their arsenal with tight ends. Given those options, it appears that Tebow may still be quarterback, and only a quarterback, for the New England Patriots. Unless he surprises everyone, and exceeds at a new job.

Things do not look as promising for Hernandez. The state medical examiner identified the body of a man named Odin Lloyd, one mile from Hernandez’s home. The victim was connected to Hernandez, and that connection is part of the ongoing Police investigation. A YouWager news source reports that Hernandez has not been cooperating with authorities during the investigation, and that he has not been ruled out a suspect.

The Patriots drafted Hernandez in 2010. After that, the former Florida standout combined with Gronkowski to form one of the best tight end duos in the league. Hernandez missed 10 games in the 2012 NFL football wagering season, due to an ankle injury. He had shoulder surgery in April. Last summer, Hernandez signed a five-year, $40 million contract. Stacy James, a spokesman for the Patriots, told YouWager’s source that the club would not make public comments during the investigation.


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