If Paula Dean wants to feel better, all she has to do is read about the trouble former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is in. One insider claims he heard that Hernandez says he envies the somewhat milder dilemma the controversial cooking show host faces right now. Like Deen, Hernandez’s sponsors are racing to drop him. Even former players want to distance themselves.

According to a YouWager news source, immediately after his arrest, all Aaron Hernandez memorabilia and merchandise was removed from the Official New England Patriots ProShop, and their website. The Patriots ProShop has announced that it will offer free exchanges of Hernandez jerseys, with the number 81, that were purchased online or at the stadium, for other jerseys.

YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans following the story know that the Patriots released Hernandez within hours of his arrest.

Puma, the shoe manufacturer, dropped Hernandez as an endorser on Thursday, just one day after the now former Patriots tight end was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. A company spokesman told YouWager’s source, “Puma has ended the relationship with athlete Aaron Hernandez in light of the current situation.”

The company had recently signed Hernandez to a two year contract. Puma representatives said as they signed Hernandez, that one of the reasons the company chose Hernandez was “because of his ability to overcome adversity.”

At the time, Hernandez told a YouWager source, “You don’t see many people signing with Puma, I thought it would be something different, and I feel like I’m different than most.”

CytoSport, a company that manufactures MuscleMilk, dropped Hernandez last week.

While sportsbook bettors won’t be hearing any public statements from the players of the New England Patriots, one former player didn’t completely dodge the question when he was asked about Hernandez. Matt Light, a former offensive lineman, played for eleven years on the team. Two of those years were spent with Hernandez.

When he was asked about his former teammate, Light attempted to be diplomatic when he told YouWager’s source, “I never talk about other guys, but I will say I have never embraced — never believed in — anything Aaron Hernandez stood for.”

It’s important to point out that Light made this comment before Hernandez was arrested or charged with murder. With the Patriots, Light won three Super Bowls before he retired after the 2011 NFL football wagering season.

Unlike Paula Deen, Hernandez has much bigger problems, than worrying what people –or sponsors, might say about him. Already charged with murder, authorities now believe Hernandez may also be connected to an unsolved double murder that happened last July in Boston.

There may be more bad news for Hernandez before it’s all over.

According to YouWager’s source, on June 13th a man named Alexander S. Bradley, who described himself as a friend of Hernandez, filed a lawsuit against Hernandez in a Florida federal court. Bradley is claiming that on February 13, 2013, Hernandez shot him while the two were riding in a car, ‘following an altercation at a Miami strip club.’ When police came to help Bradley, ‘he would not reveal his assailant, and no arrest was made at the time,’ according to YouWager’s source. Bradley’s lawsuit was dismissed on June 17, 2013, due to incorrect paperwork, and then filed again on June 19, 2013.