As Aaron Hernandez awaits a murder trial, he is also a suspect in an earlier murder. Some sportsbook bettors may be wondering why the New England Patriots didn’t look at him more closely. Maybe they did. Sometimes, it’s a gamble, and the team knows it.

Many players in the NFL come from the wrong side of the tracks. The situations that produce some of the toughest players are not always pretty. Some, in fact, are pretty scary. One ex-scout told a YouWager news source that one of the worst cases was Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. While Bryant’s off-field issues were already well known before the draft, because he was seen as such a super-talented prospect, he was still drafted in the first round. As YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans have seen, usually, concerns about a player’s background result in a later round selection. Sometimes, the player in question isn’t drafted at all.

Dez Bryant was born to a teenage mother. She was arrested for dealing crack cocaine when he was eight. Bryant lived in eight different homes when he attended high school.

Bryan Broaddus, the former scout, told YouWager’s source that often, teams do know what they are risking. NFL teams often have to manage a wide variety of player issues, and he says it’s just not fair to paint someone as a villain because of the way they grew up.

Broaddus told YouWager’s source, “The worst I had ever seen of a background is the kid Dez Bryant. When you look at what he went through and then you’re talking about these players, and it’s hard for them to get away from these people in their lives because these people have been with them when they were nothing, when they were nobodies. All of a sudden you’re thinking ok, I’m going to turn my back on my three buddies here. I have to change, but they ain’t changing.”

From 1999-2004, Broaddus was the assistant director of pro personnel with the Dallas Cowboys. He said there was a “constant worry” in the front office when they it came to troubled players like Bryant. Broaddus feels that Bryant and the Cowboys can be proud of the fact that for the most part, Bryant learned to overcome his past well enough to become of the best receivers in the National Football League.

Broaddus told YouWager’s source, “I think if Dez Bryant was playing in St. Louis or Baltimore or Seattle, I think the fact that his family is here with him, I think that was a really hard adjustment for him. Hopefully from what we’ve seen, he’s managing that well. That’s the important thing.”

Dallas kept a close eye on Bryant. There was a security team, and they enforced a curfew. With this structure, Bryant excelled. In the 2012 NFL football betting season, Bryant had 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. Clearly, the club took a chance on Bryant, and the wager paid off.

This a common hurdle that NFL teams must confront when the look to draft exciting new players. A player coming from a terrible background can become a terrific weapon on the field. Obviously, this can backfire. Just ask the Patriots.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Bryant, either. According to YouWager’s source, on July 16th, of 2012, Bryant was arrested on a class A misdemeanor domestic violence charge for allegedly striking his biological mother, Angela Bryant. She did not press charges. No actions were taken by the NFL.