According to a very reliable YouWager news source, Tim Tebow, the former Heisman trophy-winning quarterback, has been seen at the New England Patriots training camp, lining up with receivers and running backs.

Some members of the online betting community are already speculating about the possible roles the controversial QB might play for the Patriots. It may be premature to make any assumptions. YouWager’s source says head coach Bill Belichick won’t talk about any type of plan for the former Florida star. Belichick only said, “I think we’ll use Tim wherever we feel like is best for the team. I know he’s committed to doing as well, whatever that is.”

One scout told YouWager’s source that he saw Tebow catch a pass in a very strange drill. Another reported seeing Tebow line up with backs and receivers.

Some analysts were surprised to hear about the rotation through other positions. While many of YouWager’s dedicated NFL football wagering fans expect to see some sort of Tebow experiment in 2013, most of the limited information available suggested the 6-3 245 pound quarterback would likely still be playing behind center, in some fashion. However, with Tom Brady, as the veteran starter, and Ryan Mallett as his backup, some sportsbook bettors wondered if Tebow was going to become a tight end. With Brady and Mallett in place, there might not be that much for Tebow to do, if he remains a quarterback. The Pats have some depth at the quarterback position, but that isn’t true for some of their other offensive positions, such as wide receiver, tight end, or fullback. If Tim Tebow is ever going to make an impact in the National Football League, it’s clear he will have to develop some new skills.

YouWager’s source reported that after Tebow caught a few passes, he returned to the quarterback position in drills, too. Coach Belichick is known for his experiments and his secrets. Perhaps Belichick is the James Cameron of NFL coaches. Belichick may actually enjoy seeing if he can find an effective way to work with a player like Tebow, just as Cameron apparently proved he could a blockbuster movie like the Terminator around a very limited actor like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, Arnold only played a robot, but it worked. Could the same be true for Tim Tebow?

YouWager’s source says New England’s Tebow plan should be a little easier to predict as training camp progresses. So far, there is no apparent strategy.