“We have to make sure teams understand that they don’t control the tempo, our officials do. We’re going through our normal ball mechanics, we aren’t going to rush [unless] it’s in the two minute drill.”

-Dean Blandino, NFL V.P. of officiating

If Chip Kelly, the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, really plans to adapt the rapid style he developed at Oregon to the NFL, he may soon hit a roadblock. YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans have been speculating on the success of a coach with no previous experience in the National Football League. The online betting community has been buzzing with stories of Kelly’s super-power smoothies, and some kind of special sports-science advisor. If sportsbook bettors can believe the hype coming out of Philadelphia these days, Kelly can be expected to revolutionize the game as we know it.

It could happen. But first, Kelly may have to cool his jets.

As Mike Pereira, former NFL V.P. of officiating, told a YouWager news source, the refs “aren’t going to change just to accommodate someone’s offense.”

While he was coaching at Oregon, Kelly pushed for the officials to be more mobile, so that his Oregon offense could launch their attack even faster. Pereira doesn’t think that will happen with the pros. He told YouWager’s source, “In the NFL, I don’t see him having the juice to persuade crews to work faster. In fact, I know he doesn’t.”

Rules are rules. The NFL’s Blandino has been meeting with the Eagles to make sure any revolutionary tactics they are considering will work within their system. Blandino told YouWager’s source, “They had questions about what the parameters were going to be. It’s going to be different from college.”

Other teams have tried to make the game faster. Blandino says the NFL’s Competition Committee has made it clear that NFL rules will differ from college rules, when it comes to speed. One of the biggest obstacles will be the placement of the umpire, the official that spots the ball. The ball can’t be snapped until the umpire is in position.

The game is already faster. In the 2012 NFL football betting season, YouWager’s football bettors saw more snaps than ever before. Kelly may try to make it more furious. If Kelly wants to try something different, according to the league, it will still have to happen within the confines of the current system.