“There are outside expectations and there are internal expectations. And like Coach Fox said last night, I guess it’s a good thing that the outside world has high expectations for us as opposed to expecting nothing from us.”

-Peyton Manning, quarterback, Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning told a YouWager news source that his arm feels stronger, yes, the Denver Broncos have made some positive changes, and he also has a better idea of what he can accomplish this season. It all sounds good, doesn’t it? Will the Broncos be a serious contender this year? It sure looks that way. Manning said, “I’m all in on 2013.”

He better be, say some of YouWager’s dedicated NFL football wagering fans. Manning is now 37 years old. If he wants to make another run at the Super Bowl, it will have to happen soon.

Denver’s head coach, John Fox, told YouWager’s source, “Our goals are set high. From our owner on down, he wants to win a championship and he wants to win them back-to-back. That has been done here in this organization, so it’s not just talk and that’s everybody in this building’s goal.”

The Broncos have built a team around Manning, and they are aiming high. After gambling on Manning’s arm, the club has assembled some strong veterans to get them there. Adding Wes Welker to an effective receiving corps won’t hurt, either.

Manning said he feels stronger than he did last year. In the 2012 NFL betting season, Manning threw for 4,659 yards and 37 touchdowns. Can he top that in 2013?

In describing his improved physical condition, Manning told YouWager’s source, “I think when you know your teammates better, when you have your timing better with your teammates, that certainly always has allowed for more precise throws, more confident throws.”

Manning still has something to prove, many sportsbook bettors feel, after last season’s playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens. He told Youwager’s source, “We still kind of have a scar from losing that playoff game and I think players need to kind of be reminded of that daily.”