LeBron James Considering Running for Union President: NBA News at YouWager

Superstar player LeBron James is thinking about running for president of the National Basketball Players Association, according to what YouWager has learned.

James has to think about the time involvement this position requires. The 28 year-old athlete has limited time to give due to sponsorship and charity commitments in addition to playing.

Deep NBA playoff runs with the Miami Heat the past three seasons have also taken a toll.

However, even with all of this the Ohio native has been investigating the issue with advisers and fellow players this summer.

Current NBPA president Derek Fisher’s term ended this summer. The association is likely to choose a new president as soon as August, when they have their annual meeting in Las Vegas.

Even so, the organization is in the middle of a change at the moment and still needs to replace executive director Billy Hunter, who was dismissed at the beginning of the year. It is still not clear when a replacement will be hired.

As online bettors might recall, Hunter was accused of managing union funds and funneling them to family members. The former director subsequently sued Fisher and the union.

This coming February Adam Silver will be taking the position of NBA commissioner and a replacement for Hunter expected to be chosen by then, the union is at a pivotal point, and it had James interested in the important role.