The Washington Redskins comment on their signature dishes

“It’s gonna be a sandwich. A ‘sammich.’ I say ‘sammich. It’s gonna have a little shrimp, it’s gonna have some lettuce, maybe a little roast beef. We’re gonna put a little mayonnaise on it, a little banana peppers and some honey mustard.”

-Niles Paul, tight end, Washington Redskins, on having a dish named after him

Local restaurants in Richmond, Virginia are so happy to have the Washington Redskins in their town, to honor their nearby training camp, some have added Redskins-themed specialties to their menus. One establishment, Metro Grill, has created a very unique hamburger, called the RG3 Burger, a giant stack of beef and bacon fat patties with three of everything: Three cheeses, three condiments, lettuce, tomato, and bacon, on an onion roll. Kevin Mandeville, owner and operator, told a YouWager news source, “It kind of came together pretty easily between myself and my head chef. The roasted garlic is the ‘RG’ and the ‘3’ was the three cheeses.” Mandeville said that the popular $12 burger is 14-ounces of meat.

None of the restaurants in Richmond spoke to any of the players about these dishes before they invented them. Some of the Redskins told YouWager’s source that they thought it might be a lot more fun if the players could be involved in the recipes.

Several players had suggestions.

Offensive tackle Trent Williams told YouWager’s source, “I like bacon. I guess they’d have to put bacon on it.” Running back Alfred Morris also insisted on one ingredient. “Jalapenos,” he said. “Something hot. I love hot food.”

Linebacker Brian Orakpo surprised his teammates with a rather sophisticated choice. “Sushi,” he told YouWager’s source. “It would have to be a sushi dish. I just picked up on sushi and I love it. So it has to be a sushi dish. Not the raw stuff, though. The stuff with the rice. It has to be a nice roll, with some good mixtures in it.”

Most of the players liked the idea of having a dish named after them. For safety DeJon Gomes, it came down to waffles, and improvisation. “You take a couple of waffles and put some ham in the middle,” he told YouWager’s source.

Fullback Darrel Young wanted it to be an entire meal, a traditional Southern dinner, with ‘comfort food’ dishes. “Ooh, fried chicken!” he said. “Macaroni and cheese, collard greens, yams, all the soul food stuff.”

Quarterback Rex Grossman took a much simpler approach. When YouWager’s source asked him for a specialty idea, he merely suggested, “The best beer in the house.”