Reports from the Indianapolis Colts training camp tell us that one of the most impressive physical specimens on their field right now is the head coach. According to a YouWager news source, Chuck Pagano looks great. He’s regained some weight back after his battle with leukemia, and he seems to be running the team at full speed.

Do the Colts have good reasons to feel lucky, as they head into the 2012 NFL football wagering season?

Pagano told YouWager’s source, “I feel 1,000 percent back. It’s like that never happened.” Ryan Grigson, the team’s general manager, echoed the sentiment, saying, “The greatest thing is now we’re not even thinking about it anymore. He’s doing so well and he looks so good. He looks like himself again. He’s got that swagger back.”

The Colts have added a new offensive coordinator, Pep Hamilton, quarterback Andrew Luck’s coordinator when he played for Stanford. Luck told YouWager’s source that the playbook will include some of their best tricks, but it won’t simply be a copy of their college plays. Luck said, “It’s not just copy-and-paste from Stanford.”

OC Hamilton speaks highly of Luck’s ability to recall every part of a drill. Hamilton told YouWager’s source, “It’s been somewhat seamless, primarily because Andrew Luck has a photographic memory. There are things he may not remember initially, but once he sees it and processes it, there’s always some recall. He’s a brilliant guy, and he’s a full-time football player, versus managing the rigors of balancing the demands of being a student-athlete at Stanford. He can handle large volumes of information and go out and execute all of the above.”

Luck makes it sound like he and his offensive coordinator already speak the same language. He told YouWager’s source, “I know it sounds cheesy and corny to say, but it does feel like old times. I know training camp isn’t supposed to be easy — it’s demanding and grueling — but the level of familiarity has made it an easy transition.”

Internet wagering analysts point out that Luck also has a great new receiver in free agent receiver Darius Hayward-Bey. Coach Pagano said the Colts will be working to accumulate yards in “big chunks.” Other players have been added to beef up the O-line and the defense. Describing Anthony Costanzo, a first-round pick, free-agent right tackle Gosder Cherilus and rookie Emmet Cleary, GM Grigson said, “They’re all in the same mold. They’re big, tough, smart, physical and are good enough athletes.” The team also has running back Ahmad Bradshaw and Matt Hasselbeck, one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league.

Grigson told YouWager’s source, “Everyone told us what a great guy Matt was, and he and Andrew just hit it off right away.” Addressing the question of Bradshaw’s injury, Grigson pointed out that Bradshaw rushed for 1,000 yards in the 2012 NFL football betting season with a broken foot. “He’s a warrior,” Grigson said. The online betting community will be no doubt be watching the Colts very closely this season.