“We’ll have to make adjustments down there; they’re running a new coaching staff, new scheme, new system, they have some new players. We’re not really doing a whole lot of scouting and preparation for them. We’ll just see what we get out there and we’ll have to react to it and adjust to it, but I think that will be good for us as well.”

– Bill Belichick, head coach, New England Patriots, on taking the team to Philadelphia

On side-by-side fields, the New England Patriots will be practicing alongside the Philadelphia Eagles, as they prepare for their August 9th preseason matchup.

Coach Bill Belichick told a YouWager news source, “We’re looking forward to seeing some different faces, different jerseys.”

Belichick made it sound casual as he outlined reason for the move, at a recent press conference: “This will be a big week for all of us to see how we can pull things together from a team standpoint, as well as each one of us individually working on our development at this point in the season.”

According to YouWager’s source, at home, New England seemed to be focusing on high-pressure situations, two-minute and goal line drills. Last Saturday, the team spent several hours in scrimmage sessions.

The online betting community expects that planning plays against the Eagles will give Belichick one more chance to experiment with his players. He is of course, very tight-lipped about any big changes. In speaking before YouWager’s source, New England’s head coach downplayed the importance of anything that happens before the 2013 NFL football wagering season.

Belichick explained it this way: “Practices, scrimmages, situations, preseason games, 1-on-1’s — it’s all in one big pot. One good play or one bad play, I don’t think, is going to change the evaluation too much. Each player has got his own body of work from the season, including going back to the spring, and we’ll try to look at the whole picture of what that player’s done.”

But coach Belichick has not shared much with Philadelphia’s coach, Chip Kelly, other than a few generic goals for the week, and some basic logistics. The rest, apparently, will be worked out on a football field. Will sportsbook bettors see any flashes of a daring new offense from the Eagles? Will Tim Tebow catch a pass? Belichick says we will all just have to wait and see what happens.

He told YouWager’s source, “Once we have the basic parameters of it, then we’re just playing football. And we have to react to what they do just like in game situations, and vice versa. I think that’ll be good for the players, the coaches.”


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