NFL Players Association tentatively agrees to HGH testing during the regular season

As reported earlier, by a YouWager news source, the NFLPA, the NFL players union approved methods to record HGH levels in players, before the 2013 NFL football wagering season begins. An official statement fr

om the NFLPA says the Players Association has “tentatively agreed” to an in-season testing program. The statement outlines a way for 40 players to be tested, with 5 random players from 8 teams, each week during the regular season.

According toYouWager’s source, the NFLPA statement says, “We have tentatively agreed (and will likely finalize soon, when a few other issues in Policy are settled) that each week during the season, a computer program will randomly select 5 men from 8 teams each week to provide blood,” the memo reads. “The blood will be tested immediately, then frozen. The test results will be stored in a computer, and once the decision limit is determined, the results will be compared with the decision limit.”


In compliance with ‘Step One’ of the new policy, if a player is tested and found to have unacceptable levels of HGH in his system, he will receive a 4-game suspension. The player will be able to appeal the suspension, during the time that his blood is stored or frozen. The blood from the tests will only be kept for 60 days, according to the policy.

The National Football League will not confirm that a type of test the league will use yet, saying the two parties have not yet reached an agreement. Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the league, told YouWager’s source, “We do not have yet a comprehensive agreement for HGH testing and decline to comment on the union’s memo.”

So that the test will have an accurate baseline, every single player in the 2013 training camps will have to give blood samples. The NFLPA does not appear to be comfortable giving over control of the situation to World Anti-Doping Agency.

YouWager’s source says the NFLPA memo makes it clear that the players wish to have independent scientists conduct the tests for HGH. The memo says, “The only way to move forward with HGH testing as part of the Performance Enhancing Substances Policy is for the parties to jointly hire independent scientists to conduct a scientifically rigorous population study to determine the correct decision limit for NFL players.”

While YouWager’s football bettors have seen something like an ongoing standoff between the league and the players on the drug tests, the NFLPA statement could actually be a major step forward. HGH testing could be a standard process by the start of the regular 2013 NFL football betting season.


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