Former NFL players to become HGH test guinea pigs

Guinea pigs for growth hormones? If it sounds dangerous, perhaps you should be warned- the entire population of the United States is part of a great big growth hormone experiment. Many of YouWager’s dedicated NFL football wagering fans may also be guinea pigs. You may already be consuming growth hormones, without even knowing it. If the major agricultural corporations have their way, growth hormones will be in much of our food.

Here’s how testing HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, will play a role in the 2013 NFL betting season:

In order to determine what a “normal” level of human growth hormone tolerance would be, a YouWager news source reports that the NFL and the NFLPA, the players union, will soon launch a testing program that will involve several former NFL players.

A stumbling block in the construction of the new collective bargaining agreement, sportsbook bettors have seen the proposed testing process go through many delays.

If approved, these test samples will measure nearly 100 former NFL players. Two-thirds of the men will receive a does of HGH and the other third will get a placebo. Their HGH levels will be recorded both before and after for comparisons. As a top NFL analyst at YouWager reminds us, HGH is naturally produced by the body. It fuels cell growth and regeneration. Of course, this hormone is can also be manufactured through artificial means, and taken in a ways to increase the body’s amount of HGH.

Players currently in the NFL will not be included in the test. However, some will offer samples of their blood to determine a “normal” limit, without any threat of punishment. HGH, as any serious YouWager football wagering fan knows, is a banned substance for NFL players. HGH is used legally, as a prescription drug to treat growth disorders, in children and adults that suffer from hormone deficiencies.

To increase performance, as an anabolic agent, HGH has been abused by athletes since the 1960’s. But the hormone did not show up in typical urine tests, so the ban was impossible to enforce until the early 2000’s when blood tests were developed.

The ‘Bigger, faster, stronger’ thorough chemistry concept could one day produce giant cattle. Large industrial agriculture companies like Monsanto have been experimenting with HGH, too. Corporations are seeking governmental approval to use HGH in livestock production. So far, in the U.S., the only FDA-approved use of growth hormone for livestock is a type of growth hormone called bovine somatotropin. This increases milk production in dairy cows.

Check the label on your milk container for ‘bovine somatotropin’ to see if you are ingesting a growth hormone. You could already have it in your system, just from the milk in your coffee.


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