MLB to Expand Video Review Process: MLB News at YouWager

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig stated just yesterday that the league is looking to extend its video review process next season.

YouWager experts consider this will give giving managers a tool they’ve never had in hopes of seriously reducing the number of incorrect calls made in games.

The announcement came after two days of meetings with representatives of the 30 baseball teams. The proposal will be voted on by the owners in November.

The presentation was given by MLB vice president Joe Torre and it was given to representatives from all 30 teams.

Atlanta Braves President John Schuerholz, a member of the replay committee in addition to Torre and former manager Tony La Russa, stated the umpires responded well to the change.

According to Schuerholz, 89 percent of incorrect calls made in the past will be reviewable, however he did not provide a list.

As online sports betting fans know, umpires have come under increased scrutiny following several missed calls this MLB season.

With the modification, managers will be allowed one challenge over the first six innings of a game and two from the seventh inning until the completion of the game. Calls that are challenged will be reviewed by a crew in major league baseball headquarters in New York City, which will make a final ruling.

If a manager sees a call he feels is incorrect can file a challenge with the crew chief or home plate umpire.

Only reviewable plays will be able to be challenged. However, those non-reviewable plays will still be argued by managers, who can request that the umpires discuss it to see if another member of the crew saw the play differently. Reviewable plays are not to be argued by the manager.

Challenges not used in the first six innings will go further, and a manager who wins a challenge will be able to retain it.


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