Other Names Leaked in Biogenesis Scandal: MLB News at YouWager

Online sports betting experts have learned that several members of New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s close circle leaked the names of Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun and his own teammate Francisco Cervelli to the media in the Biogenesis scandal.

This information took place days after a publication redacted documents from Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch that revealed comprehensive doping regimens for professional athletes including A-Rod.

The baseball league has evidence showing that the 38 year-old third baseman obtained documents from the Biogenesis clinic, a key factor in MLB’s decision to hit Rodriguez with a 211-game suspension on Aug. 5.

Former Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer has give statements were he claims that several boxes of clinic documents were stolen from his car in March, and some of that material was later sold to MLB.

However, earlier this morning YouWager experts learned that MLB was indeed given evidence that Rodriguez had obtained some of those documents, which MLB is apparently prepared to argue was an attempt to prevent investigators from acquiring them.

MLB obtained information that the New York native players tried to interfere with at least one witness in the case.

Undoubtedly, leaking the documents also would be seen as a violation of MLB’s rules. The baseball league considers that information related to the Joint Drug Agreement remains strictly confidential.

In handing down the tough suspension, it is also believed that the MLB was convinced that Rodriguez, who admitted PED use from 2001-03 while he played with the TexasRangers, is a habitual abuser of PEDs.

Braun (65 games) and Cervelli (50), along with 11 other players, took their suspensions for their roles in the Biogenesis scandal. Even so, Rodriguez is appealing his ban that was handed down by MLB commissioner Bud Selig.


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