“I’m having fun playing football. I fell in love with the game again, and I’m very thankful for that. 
You’ve got to play this game with intense passion and a purpose and I thank Coach Kelly for what he’s done for me, and that’s given me that confidence that I felt that I was losing at some point in my career.”

– Michael Vick, quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles.

Michael Vick told a YouWager news source that he lost his confidence during the last two years. In the 2011 and 2012 NFL football wagering seasons, many sportsbook bettors wondered what had happened to the ‘Comeback Quarterback.’ Vick said Chip Kelly, his new head coach, has helped him to rediscover his passion for the game. So far, in preseason, Vick has completed 13 of 15 passes for 199 yards.

Most of YouWager’s NFL football wagering enthusiasts haven’t considered Vick an elite quarterback since the promise he showed in the 2010 NFL season, when his team went 8-3 and he led the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs. “When things don’t go well and when everybody’s pointing the finger at you, sometimes it can hurt your confidence,” Vick explained. “You can be one of the best players in the league and sometimes outside sources can maybe waver your feelings or your emotions, and I read everything that was said. I lived it.”

Vick told YouWager’s source that Kelly changed everything. For the better. He said, “You know, when I first sat down with Coach Kelly, his main concern, his main goal, was to help me get back to tip-top shape and get me to a point where I can be comfortable and believing in myself again, and I thank him for that.”

Coach Kelly has not revealed who will be the starting quarterback will be when the Eagles face the Washington Redskins on September 9th. But Vick doesn’t seemed to be worried about it. He says it will work itself out. In the meantime, he and the other candidate for the job, Nick Foles are working together, and helping each other. Vick said, “Myself and Nick, each and every day we come out with a plan — how can we get better?” We learn from one another. Nick can tell you, I teach him everything I know. I teach Matt everything that I know. Dennis (Dixon), the same. Because when you believe in yourself and you know what you can do, nothing else matters. It means more to me to help these guys develop as quarterbacks in this league than anything else.”

Philadelphia’s competition for the starting QB position sounds downright friendly, according to Vick. He told YouWager’s source, “There comes a point where somebody has to start taking more reps, but that’s totally up to Coach Kelly and what he decides. If we’re going to continue to do it this way, we’ll keep doing it. We can’t dwell on the things that we have no control over. We need to keep focusing and not lose sight of the common goal, what’s the most important thing — that’s winning football games, regardless of who’s behind the center, who’s out there.”


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