“It happens on the practice field. It happens on the game field. You see so many injuries that have happened over the course of this preseason, so football is not for the faint of heart. You get bumps and bruises, and hopefully nothing is too series, and you can just bounce back from it and move on.”

– Tom Brady, quarterback, New England Patriots

Tom Brady says reports about the injury to his knee were blown out of proportion

For the first time since NFL football wagering fans heard Patriots quarterback Tom Brady limped off the practice field, the New England quarterback took a moment to talk to a YouWager news source. He said that he thought all of the panic he was still hearing about, among fans, was unnecessary. During a joint practice session with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady dropped on his back and was seen clutching his left knee -the one that underwent surgery just five years ago. As sportswriters reported, Brady was seen limping away from the field. But he did return to run through five more plays before leaving with Jim Whalen, his trainer. Understandably, there was much talk in the online betting community about what the future might hold for the Patriots if Brady was out of commission.

Fortunately, it wasn’t that serious, Brady says now. Unfortunately for the 36 year-old quarterback, his knee trouble happened when many people where around to see it. Brady told YouWager’s source, “There are a lot of people at practice that were witnessing. If that was a Wednesday or Thursday practice during the regular season, you’d probably never hear anything about it. But it’s just obviously the nature of Twitter and all that social media and stuff.”

Brady said that immediately after the practice session, he knew everything was OK. When he returned to the field Thursday, and faced the Tampa Bay Bucs, for their preseason matchup, he completed his first 11 passes in that 25-21 victory.

Brady was asked if he was frightened when the pain first flared up in his left knee. He told YouWager’s source, “I wouldn’t say frightened. You’re just wondering what happened because I didn’t obviously see anything. You just feel something and then you react. I went back in really to finish the period out that we had going, and then just talked to coach Belichick and our trainer and figured just try to be safe. I felt bad it caused more of a media story than it actually was worthy of because I hate to really draw attention in that sort. But we were really just trying to be smart.”


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