“I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.”

-tweet from Tim Tebow

At this point and time, Tim Tebow seems to be little more than a curiosity, a novelty item, for YouWager’s serious NFL football wagering fans. The exploits of the former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback has amused Internet oddsmakers and sportsbook bettors, but few ever considered the young man a serious threat when he played behind center. In fact, in the online betting community, there was more speculation about where Tebow might wind up, or exactly what type of new position Bill Belichick might find for a big, beefy rookie quarterback that doesn’t throw very well, than there ever was about what he would do on the football field.

Perhaps it was a lack of flexibility that stopped Tebow from succeeding. The desire to be an NFL quarterback. The dream he spoke of when he tweeted about his determination, to his fans and followers. If Tebow could have caught passes, or run the ball for New England, as a tight end or running back, he might still have a job.

Goodbye NFL, hello CFL?

Some NFL insiders think it really might be the time for Tebow to consider trying his luck in the Canadian Football League. It’s doubtful that any NFL teams are interested. Some online wagering enthusiasts expected Tebow to end up with the Jacksonville Jaguars, because of Tebow’s fan base in the state of Florida, from his college days, playing for the state. But that team never seemed to want him.

Immediately after Tebow became a free agent, Steve Clarkson, a quarterback expert that trained with Tebow, said he strongly suggested that his former student consider pursuing a career up north. Clarkson told a YouWager news source, “It’s time now to maybe just reconsider a different path to his ultimate dream. Tim might want to look to the CFL because he may have run out of options in the NFL.”

In three preseason games for the New England Patriots, Tebow was 11-for-30, throwing for 145 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions before coach Bill Belichick released him from the team.

Clarkson seems to think the CFL might still be an option because Tebow, he says, isn’t ready to quit. Clarkson told YouWager’s source, “Sitting is not an option for Tim. He’s ultra-competitive. He needs to stick to his strength, which is being in a competitive environment. Anyone who wants to work on their craft the way Tim does, he just needs to give himself a couple of days and really decide, ‘Is this what I want to do?’ Clearly, football is still in his blood.”

Clarkson told YouWager’s source that he would still be glad to work with Tebow, to help him improve his passing skills. He said, “I haven’t spoken to Tim in a while. My general thoughts now are, ‘We’re starting the NFL season. Right now, it’s not realistic that he’d be a guy an NFL team is going to pick up.’ “

Have online sportsbook bettors seen the last of Tebow? Perhaps this question would make for an interesting wager.


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