”Certainly the issue of player safety and community safety continues to lead us to find new and better ways to keep our players safe and members of the community safe. We’ve brought state-of-the-art technology and marketing in this effort to keep the players and the community safe.”

– DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director, NFLPA

Football players union sets up program to offer safe rides for intoxicated players

The NFLPA, the NFL players association, the official union for football players in the NFL, is serious about drunk driving. The union has created a new system to provide sober drivers when players have been out drinking. There’s even an ‘Ap’ for it. The NFLPA has forged a connection with Uber Technologies to instantly set up players with reliable drivers. As the debate over accurate drug testing methods continues, between the league and the players, YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans have seen quite a few players with DUIs in the news, and they’ve heard plenty of reports of drunken players getting into trouble. The NFLPA hopes the new technology will enable NFL football players to avoid embarrassing headlines -or killing innocent people on the country’s roads and highways.

The agreement with Uber Technologies allows players to use smartphone technology to connect to reliable drivers. In a statement released Wednesday,

The players union released an official statement that said their arrangement with Uber Technologies, to allow players access with their smartphones, ”underscores the NFLPA’s ongoing commitment to ensuring its members have access to safe, discreet and professional transportation when they need it.”

Now, any drunk NFL player will be able to call and get a safe ride home in one of the international cities affiliated with the high-tech company. These cities include most of the cities that host NFL teams. When a player asks for a ride, it will appear in a matter of minutes. The NFLPA and Uber Technologies will hand out special cards, small enough to fit on a key ring that will automatically pay for the player’s ride.

Smith, the executive director, told a YouWager news source, ”In our world, we know discipline plays a part in changing behavior, but we really wanted to start this to look at doing a better job by treating it as a public health and safety and responsibility challenge. We believe this partnership with Uber meets that.”

With the new smartphone app, NFL players will be able to request a ride without needing to provide directions to their location, or even knowing where they are. The system also includes GPS navigation service.

In the past, some NFL clubs attempted to develop their own programs to provide safe, or designated drivers for their players. But the online wagering community has seen many incidents. And accidents. Back in December, Josh Brent was clearly driving Under The Influence when he crashed his car. The crash killed his Dallas Cowboys teammate, Jerry Brown. Brent’s blood alcohol level turned out to be more than double the legal limit. If he is convicted, Brent could spend 20 years in jail.

Acknowledging Brent’s crash, Smith told YouWager’s source, ”The goal for us is to change behavior. Currently in the United States we have increased enforcement and penalties, there’s been increased focus (on drunk driving). Last year, we had a tragic accident in Texas. There already are dramatic penalties far above what the commissioner can impose in the NFL.”

Now, many Internet sportsbook bettors feel there will be no solid excuses for any of those “bad boy” headlines in the 2013 NFL football betting season. But as long as there are young men, making more money than they know what to do with, there will always be public examples of outrageous behavior, some older bettors admit.


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