Philadelphia’s new head coach talks about NFL regular season debut

“We left the ball on the ground too much. We didn’t get the ball to the officials. We could have sped things up from a process in between plays. That’s something we need to work on.”
– Chip Kelly

For any of the YouWager NFL football wagering fans that wondered how Chip Kelly’s high-speed style of offense would work in the National Football League, the proof is the final score, especially in the last minutes of the contest between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. Despite the hype and expectations in the online betting community for Robert Griffin III’s return to the field, the Eagles moved the ball up and down the field against the Skins. At one point in this matchup, the Eagles enjoyed a 33-7 lead. Philadelphia was able to run 53 plays in the first half and claim 322 yards. They had as many first downs as Washington’s offensive plays

The Philadelphia Eagles averaged a play every 22 seconds.

Still, Chip Kelly was disappointed, he says. Kelly told a YouWagernews source, “I felt like it was slow. I’m not joking. We need to do a better job.”

Washington’s defense would not be so quick to agree. The Redskins seemed to be worn out by the fast plays, some sportsbook bettors said. Now Kelly’s high-powered attack will be tested against the San Diego Chargers. When the Chargers face the Eagles this Sunday, they will be 7.5 favorites at YouWager. The Total is 54.5.

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia’s center, promised even more speed. He told YouWager’s source, “I know we can go faster. I think we went at a really good speed. There were times when we really put the foot on the pedal and were flying around out there, and there were times we eased it back a little bit. We definitely have plays we can still go faster with.”

No doubt online football bettors will be speculating on whether Kelly’s team can maintain the rapid for the entire 2013 NFL football betting season. Much of this will depend on quarterback Michael Vick’s health. Vick was hit hard and seen limping in the second half of the game. LeSean McCoy will need to stay healthy as well. Against the Redskins, McCoy carried the ball for 184 yards.

Coach Kelly doesn’t seem to be concerned about this. He implied that this was all part of his plan. Kelly told YouWager’s source, “When you play that many snaps, you have to make sure you don’t run your own team into the ground. You always sense fatigue in the fourth quarter, no matter what team you’re on or what you did. The big thing is not to be as fatigued as the team you’re playing against.”


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