It may be difficult for NFL Football wagering fans to imagine a stranger combination than Gene Simmons of the musical group Kiss and the NFL’s most unlikely hero, Tim Tebow. But sportsbook bettors may soon be hearing more from this unusual duo. According to a YouWager news source, Gene Simmons has expressed an interest in the quarterback more known for praying on the football field than for throwing passes. After the New England Patriots dropped the controversial rookie, some wondered if the young man’s career in professional football was over. It’s not the first time. Before head coach Bill Belichick tried to fit the player into his team, there were several stories in the press that speculated the most famous Christian in NFL football was done.

But apparently, Tebow could have a new job, working for someone that has exploited a colorful career playing what some used to call “the Devil’s music.” Gene Simmons owns an Arena Football team, the Los Angeles Kiss. The team recently approached Tebow and offered him a three year contract if he will sign up to play for the franchise.

Simmons told YouWager’s source, “Acquiring Tebow would not only be a great investment for the team, but his exciting style of play would definitely send shockwaves through the League.”

The LA KISS are not the first team in this league to express interest in Tebow. The Philadelphia Soul also made the unemployed quarterback an offer.

Online football betting enthusiasts haven’t exactly lost any sleep worrying about a player that, except for a few surprising plays for the Denver Broncos, failed to perform to the expectations that followed his incredible success in college, playing for Florida. When Tebow was released by the New England Patriots immediately before the start of the regular 2013 NFL football betting season, many football bettors probably thought they had seen the last of Tim Tebow.

But he just keeps coming back.

Simmons told YouWager’s source, “We’re excited for the opportunity to see him with an LA KISS uniform on, and for the LA KISS fans to be rockin’ their Tebow shirts and jerseys.”

It may be understandable that an Arena Football team would want a player that could draw a crowd, the AFL may not be the NFL, but it’s still football. Questions remain about the young man’s skills. If Tebow does play for the LA Kiss, he will need to greatly improve his accuracy, football experts say. If he can do that, the online betting community might even see him resurface in the National Football League.


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