“I wish it had been a little closer, I hate to see the Giants struggle.”

– Retired NFL quarterback, Archie Manning, father of Peyton and Eli, on the recent Denver Broncos/New York Giants game

What big personal goal remains for Peyton Manning?

Well, there’s always another Super Bowl ring, of course. At the end of the 2013 NFL football betting season, the championship for the National Football League will be decided on his younger brother’s stomping ground, literally, at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. This would be one more opportunity to show off, if that’s important to Peyton Manning. Peyton just won another ‘Brother Bowl’ match, leading the Broncos to a 41-23 win over his brother’s team, the New York Giants. This makes three times now, for YouWager NFL football wagering fans that keep track of Manning versus Manning matchups. Sportswriters love firsts, and the hype and hoopla that would hit the Internet if a brother-against-brother story seemed possible for the Super Bowl cannot be imagined. It could happen, some sportsbook bettors say. The Giants have proved they can play uneven during the regular season and still manage to shine in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, big brother seems to be on a roll. But it must bring up some conflicting feelings. After his victory over the Giants, and brother Eli, Peyton told a YouWager news source, “It’s a unique situation. I think both of us are glad it’s over with.”

Serious online football bettors may remember the three so-called “Manning Bowls.” The first game that pitted the brothers against each other was on September 10th of 2006. Peyton’s Colts beat Eli’s Giants then by a score of 26–21. The second contest between the two quarterbacks was on September 19th in 2010. Peyton’s team won that one 38-14. And this year’s game on September 13th went 41-23 in Peyton’s favor. Peyton’s scores keep climbing, it seems.

Trying to fill a big brother’s shoes can be extremely difficult, no doubt. In their latest ‘Manning Bowl,’ one of Eli’s four interceptions bounced off a shoe and hit Denver cornerback Chris Harris in the stomach. Eli Manning threw his second interception before halftime. How embarrassing that must have been. Peyton had no interceptions. In the opening game of the 2013 regular NFL football wagering season, Eli’s older brother became, officially one of only six quarterbacks in the entire league to throw seven touchdowns in a game. He also managed to accomplish this against the Baltimore Ravens, the defensing Super Bowl Champions. Without throwing a single interception.
To top it all off, in the last Manning Bowl, luck seemed to be on brother Peyton’s side. Even when the ball bounced, it went his way. In the end zone.

What’s a brother to do?

When Peyton’s team beats Eli’s, he can’t truly allow himself to be totally happy about it, he says. Peyton Manning told YouWager’s source, “It’s a strange feeling,” he said. “It’s not like beating another team.”


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