Coach Bo Pelini Believes Fans Will Forgive and Forget: NCAA Football News

Earlier this week Nebraska Cornhuskers coach Bo Pelini stated that he believes the team’s fans will forgive him for comments leaked this week in which he criticized them during an expletive-laced rant in 2011.

Pelini said he believes that fans would understand the situation and the circumstances. The 45 year-old coach also said on a Big Ten coaches’ teleconference. “I might lose some, I don’t know, but I think that I’ve built enough points with our fans over the last five years in how I’ve conducted myself, how I’ve run this program and what we’ve done with this program … to earn some forgiveness for something that, like I said, was made in a private setting.”

Pelini spent nearly all of his allotted 10 minutes fielding questions about the controversy that erupted Monday after an audio was released of Pelini from October 2011 following Nebraska’s victory versus the Ohio State Buckeyes.

The recording captures the coach’s comments that are critical of two Omaha sports writers and Huskers fans. Pelini was upset at fans for their halftime boos as his team trailed the Buckeyes and at early departures from Memorial Stadium.

In addition, Pelini said he was shocked by the release of the audio — provided by a tipster who
YouWagerexperts believe was upset with the Cornhuskers performance in Saturday’s 41-21 home defeat versus the UCLA Bruins. The Ohio native coach said he had “heard in the past that there was something out there” but that he didn’t know of the recording.

Last night Pelini apologized again after issuing a statement Monday night.

The former Ohio State player reiterated his strong feelings for Nebraska’s fan base, which has sold out 328 consecutive home college football games.


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