Sean McDermott, the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers faced a real dilemma when his team squared off against the New York Giants. He knew he would need an all-out assault from his front seven against Eli Manning and company, and he would be missing four injured defensive backs. This meant that McDermott would have to start undrafted rookie Robert Lester at safety. And Carolina’s defense would have to deliver, in a big way.

They didn’t disappoint. Carolina’s defense manhandled New York, on a one-to-one level, according to one of the battle’s survivors. In the first half, Eli Manning was sacked 6 times. Carolina tied a game record for the club with 7 sacks and 3 turnovers. As some YouWager NFL football wagering fans watched in horror -or amusement, the Panthers crushed the Giants in a 38-0 blowout. Tom Coughlin, head coach of the New York Giants, admitted to YouWager’s source, ”They were beating us up front. They were winning the 1-on-1 battles. They did a nice job of rushing the passer and playing the run on the way to the quarterback.”

Here are 6 reasons why the Carolina Panthers were able to beat the New York Giants:

1. Cam Newton showed up.

After a slow start for the season, Cam Newton passed for 233 yards and 3 touchdowns. He ran for 45 yards and scored his first touchdown rushing of the 2013 NFL football betting season. This was Newton’s best performance so far. There was only glaring error- an interception, but it was Newton’s lucky day. Carolina’s defense saved him on that one, allowing New York’s possession of the ball to go nowhere. A desperate attempt at a field goal failed when Josh Brown, New York’s kicker, botched it with a kick that hooked way to the left. quarterback. “We don’t need him to be outside of Cam Newton. That’s all we need him to be.”

2. Carolina can run the ball, and New York can’t

As many online sportsbook bettors have said recently, one of biggest problems for the Giants has been their inability to run the ball. In 3 games, New York only has 133 yards rushing. And they only average 2.7 yards per carry. Without a running game, all the pressure is on Eli Manning. Carolina ran the ball for 194 yards. 120 of those yards came from DeAngelo Williams.

3. The Giants failed to pounce.

Carolina lost four defensive backs to injury. The opportunity to exploit a lack of experience was lost because the Panthers kept pressure on Manning. As Coach Coughlin of the Giants put it, ”They ended up with seven sacks, and our quarterback must have gotten hit 20 times.”

4. The read option

Carolina had not been employing the read option very much in their first two games of the regular football betting season. Internet wagering enthusiasts can surely expect to see it more in future games. Cam Newton ran 4 times for 40 yards early in the game. Newton later said the idea was to confuse any aggressive pass rushes.

5. Taking chances

Ron Rivera, head coach of the Panthers, has been criticized int the past for not pushing harder in fourth-and-1 type situations. This time, Rivera’s aggressive tactics established an early lead in the game. His confidence in the defense was a factor in this. Rivera explained this way to YouWager’s source: ”I felt like with the way we were playing defense even if we didn’t get it we could keep them down at that end of the field.”

6. The Giants suck

The New York Giants are simply not a strong football team right now. Their defense sucks, to put it crudely. Their linebackers are ineffective, the line is weak, and they aren’t rushing well. The other side of the ball sucks, too. New York’s offensive line is so poor, against the Carolina Panthers, Eli Manning didn’t have the time to throw his usual 3 interceptions per game. As a top YouWager NFL analyst points out, Manning is still the league leader in interceptions, with 8. The Giants have risen from poor starts in the regular NFL football betting season before, but this point in time, it almost looks like it would take a miracle to lift the New York Giants to the playoffs.


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