“We got reports of that middle of the morning, this morning sometime I think I heard about that. As far as him, he’s fine. He went through everything today that he was supposed to go through. He didn’t miss anything. I’m not very impressed personally with the report. It’s not something we want to be known for. I would like to think it’s not something those guys would want to be known for. It’s nothing to be proud of. So I’m kind of disappointed in that sense.”

– John Harbaugh, head coach, Baltimore Ravens, on Jacoby Jones

Nothing good happens after Midnight, John Harbaugh likes to say. Baltimore’s head coach confirmed to a YouWager news source that star wide receiver Jacoby Jones, while recovering from a knee injury, was involved in an altercation on a party bus. During a birthday celebration for teammate Bryant McKinnie, an fight between Jones and a stripper named Sweet Pea got out of control and she hit Jones over the head with a huge champagne bottle. Baltimore’s Metropolitan Police Department said the incident happened around 3AM. Jones chose to deny medical treatment and did not go to the hospital. So far, there has been no public apology from Sweet Pea.

In the first game of the 2013 regular NFL football wagering season, Jones suffered and injury that has kept him away from practice for the last two weeks. Online sportsbook bettors will likely remember Jones for making a great touchdown reception in the AFC division playoffs last season. He also returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

As coach Harbaugh implies in his statement, this, is what Jacoby Jones should be remembered for. When he addressed his players after the now public incident, Harbaugh told YouWager’s source that he asked them, “What to do you want to be known for? Do you want to be known as a football player or do you want to be known for that?’ I don’t think it’s anything to be proud of.” Harbaugh said he was not happy at all about his players being involved in wild parties late at night, and reminded them once again, that nothing good happens after midnight.

“That was enforced in our household.” Harbaugh told YouWager’s source. “I did reiterate that with the guys today.”

The “guys” include offensive tackle Bryant McKenny. The party was thrown in honor of his birthday. McKenny has a reputation for partying hard. His parties make the Dallas Cowboy scandals look tame, some die hard NFL football bettors say. When he was playing for the Minnesota Vikings, McKenny was a central figure in the notorious Love Boat Scandal. McKenny and seventeen team members rented houseboats for one of the wildest parties the online betting community has heard of yet. Prostitutes were flown in from Atlanta and Florida to perform sex acts in front of the crowd, and also engage with the guests. McKenny was reported to be in the middle of the action. Pictures were taken. One player said it was not the first time.

John Harbaugh recently turned 51. When asked if there was any chance Baltimore’s head coach would ever celebrate his own birthday on a party bus, Harbaugh laughed. He told YouWagers source, “I’ll pretend that question was never asked.”


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