Jadeveon Clowney has certainly disappointed YouWager’s football bettors in the 2013 college wagering season. Clowney hasn’t done anything to change that, in his recent games, either. When South Carolina faced Kentucky recently, the once sensational defensive end never left the bench. Supposedly, Clowney did not play because of injured ribs.

South Carolina’s defensive coordinator, Lorenzo Ward, told a YouWager news source that Clowney missed practice before the game because of his ribs, but he had expected him to play. Head coach Steve Spurrier had also expected Clowney to be in the game. Ward admitted that he was “surprised” when Clowney didn’t play. He also said Clowney’s absence didn’t effect the game, defensively. The Gamecocks still managed to beat Kentucky 35-28. This was the first time Clowney sat out a game since his foot injury, during SC’s game against Wofford.

Is Jadeveon Clowney’s college football career over?

Coach Spurrier’s comments on his player’s lack of time on the field suggest that Clowney may not even want to be a college football star any more. He might just be waiting for the next NFL Draft. In the last draft, many online oddsmakers felt that Clowney, then enjoying the height of his popularity, for that famous hit, could have been a first round pick.

But does any team really want a player they see as a quitter?

From what he has demonstrated, dramatically, Clowney can be an incredible playmaker when he wants to be. So it appears that he is choosing not to exert himself. There is a discussion, in the online betting community, as to whether Clowney should protect himself from injury, and save his best years for the NFL, or apply himself now. Some of this talk may be motivated more by loyalty than practical issues. Dedicated college football wagering fans want to see Clowney’s best now. NFL diehards want him on the roster of their favorite teams. NFL teams may want the nation’s best talent, but they are famously do not tolerate divas. Time will tell. Clowney may be the example that others point to, in the near future.

Clowney has a choice to make. He has seen what his teammate, Marcus Lattimore has had to go through, to convince NFL franchises that he is worth a risk, after having his knee repaired. It is understandable, many sportsbook bettors, agree, to want to avoid unnecessary risks. But what about the game itself? At its best, football requires dedication. Coaches, and men who have played hurt to win a game, are not going to be enthusiastic about having Clowney on the team if he coasts through the season, without playing his heart out.

If other players follow Clowney’s lead, YouWager’s college football betting fans may see more players rest for the pros in their last year. Some of the bigger colleges may begin to overlook superstar players, some sharp bettors say, to avoid these kinds of situations. At some point, a senior analyst at YouWager predicts, we may see the NCAA and the NFL make some type of agreement to punish quitters that are too eager to jump to a career in the NFL.


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