Arrowhead Stadium is NFL’s Loudest: Football News at YouWager

The Kansas City Chiefs fans couldn’t be happier about Arrowhead Stadium once again being the loudest stadium in the NFL.


YouWager experts have learned that the Chiefs’ fans broke the world record for an outdoor sports stadium in their 24-7 victory versus the Oakland Raiders on Sunday when they reached 137.5 decibels in the closing minutes.

An official from Guinness World Records announced that the records was broken. A record of 136.6 set by the Seattle Seahawks fans during a game versus the San Francisco 49ers earlier this year.

Oakland had a hard time with the reverberating sound all afternoon, and were whistled for 11 penalties — several of them were false starts and for delay of game, mainly because nobody in the visiting huddle could hear each other talking.

The record-setting try was planned by Kansas City fans but had support of the organization, which paid $7,500 to fly an adjudicator from Guinness to Kansas City to document the effort. It turned out to be Philip Robertson, who also was on hand back when Seattle set their mark.

According to Robertson the sustained level of noise inside Arrowhead Stadium was greater than at CenturyLink Field, when the Seahawks set the record.

However, all that matters for the record books is the peak volume, and it appeared as if Kansas City was going to come up short as the game wound down.

Even so, the end result was a record-setting din that shook the stadium’s press box.


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