“It’s definitely tough, especially when they have great receivers. They have a tight end that can really stretch the field and then you got backs that can not only run it when you hand it off to them but they can spread out and line up as a receiver and hurt you in that way. So they definitely present challenges and it’s something that we’ll have to be on top of our game and know where those guys are on the field at all times, and try to come up with a scheme and a plan to stop them.”

– Steve Gregory, safety, New England Patriots

Running backs Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles have accounted for more yards and touchdowns receiving than rushing

While the sports betting public was watching to see what kind of revolutionary offense Chip Kelly might bring to the NFL as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Sean Payton was developing his own twist on the usual way of doing business on the football field.

Typically, when quarterback Drew Brees hands the ball to Pierre Thomas or Darren Sproles, the New Orleans running game doesn’t usually produce big yardage. Those statistics don’t reveal Payton’s strategy, however. When Brees threw to these running backs, the Saints accumulated first downs, touchdowns, and wins for the Saints, now 5-1.

Drew Brees told a YouWager news source, “In a lot of cases, we look to the short passing game as an extension of the run. So when you’re efficient with the passing game it can serve that purpose a little bit. Now, would we like to be better than we have been rushing the football in certain situations? Yes. … But I’d say those guys (Sproles and Thomas), just from the sheer standpoint of touches, contributions, the passing game is just as important to them as the run game.”

In New Orleans’ five consecutive victories, Thomas and Sproles combined for almost more than twice their yards on the ground, and they have produced more than three the number of touchdowns with a pass than a run. Even though these men are the top two rushers on the team.

Before they faced the New England Patriots on Sunday, both New Orleans running backs said they hoped to improve their ground game. Unlike other running backs, they have been able to make up their missing yards in the air. But against the Patriots on Sunday, Brees had a bad day, completing less than half of his passes. Unfortunately for the Saints, the Patriots played hard to the end, too. While some of YouWager’s football wagering fans may have given up on quarterback Tom Brady in the 2013 NFL football wagering season, Brady’s rookie receiver, Kenbrell Thompkins still had faith.

Thompkins told YouWager’s source, “Until that clock said all zeros on it, we were going to fight until the finish. And that’s what we did.” With just five seconds left in the game, Brady fired a 17 yard touchdown pass to Thompkins, and the New England Patriots won 30-27.

YouWager’s football bettors might be seeing the start of trend with Payton’s pass-catching running backs.


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