Former Oregon Ducks Colt Lyrela Arrested for Drug Possession: NCAA Football News at YouWager

Colt Lyerla, the former Oregon Ducks tight end who left the team earlier this month for what he referred to as personal reasons, was arrested last night on a charge of unlawful possession of cocaine, according to what YouWager experts have learned.

The 20 year-old was also charged with interfering with a police officer.

According to a police report “detectives working an unrelated drug investigation … observed Lyerla in a parked vehicle snorting what appeared to be a white powdery substance. Lyerla was contacted by police and admitted to using and possessing cocaine.”

The report also stated detectives and Lyerla agreed to meet at his home to continue the investigation and that “once at the residence Lyerla ran from the vehicle into a nearby apartment.”

The Oregon native came out from the residence a short time later and was arrested, the report showed.

Earlier this month Lyerla left the Ducks for personal reasons. Lyrela did not make it to play in Colorado the previous weekend, and coach Mark Helfrich said the junior was suspended for a game for violating team rules.

The nature of the violation is not known, but earlier this college football season a disagreement between Lyerla and Helfrich went public after the tight end missed the Ducks’ game versus the Tennessee Volunteers with an illness.

The Ducks do not disclose injuries, so after the game Helfrich described the tight end’s absence as “circumstances.” Lyerla then complained to a local newspaper that he believed the description could be unfairly interpreted.

He later apologized for this and both he and Helfrich said they’d discussed the matter and moved on, but Lyerla did not catch a pass in the Ducks next game versus Cal, and then was suspended versus the Colorado Buffaloes.

Lyrela caught three passes for 26 yards this season. For his career, he caught 34 passes for 565 yards and 11 touchdowns.


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