Tim Tebow? No thank you. Brett Favre? Sure. That seems to be the thinking in the St. Louis Rams’ front office. Some NFL analysts had even suggested that the Rams, like many teams in the NFL today, desperately yearning for a more effective quarterback, might consider Tim Tebow, the quarterback no team wants these days. It appears the franchise in St. Louis would reach even farther, to a choice beyond the mainstream, from the past. According to a YouWager news source, the Rams have contacted Brett Favre. The Rams wanted to know if the retired quarterback would come back to the National Football League. Online sportsbook bettors have seen Favre flirt with retirement before, and then return to the league.

But Favre is now 44 years old. Lately, as a volunteer, he’s been working as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for a high school in Mississippi. When he is not working with young talent, Favre spends his retirement days jogging and cutting his grass. Serious YouWager bettors will remember that Favre has not played football since the 2010 NFL football wagering season. Setting a record for starting in 297 regular season games, Favre threw for 63 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception in a contest between his Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears until a concussion injury took him out of the game.

Clearly not all 32 NFL teams can have a great quarterback, or even afford one, and there simply aren’t that many outstanding quarterbacks to go around. As one NFL analyst at YouWager put it, without a good quarterback, no NFL team can truly compete or be a contender in the postseason.

According to YouWager’s source, Favre, through his agent, Bus Cook, politely declined the offer from the St. Louis Rams. Some sportsbook bettors say Favre is just happily biding his time until he is inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.

The offer from the Rams reveals a bigger issue, YouWager’s analyst says. It shows just how important powerful quarterbacks are for offenses the NFL today, and how frantic some clubs are to replace or drop their current QBs for someone they hope will be the real deal. In the past, many players made fairly smooth transitions from college to the pros. Rapid fire offenses and double-threat quarterbacks coming out of the most successful schools could change the NFL landscape, but those kind of players are still rare among college teams, too, YouWager’s expert says. The bar is higher now, and there is a shortage. A strong team with a weak quarterback can’t cut it like they used to in the NFL.

So how can there be more great quarterbacks in the NFL?

It will take time to discover, develop, and encourage younger players, the analysts say. This is exactly the kind of job that Brett Favre does want to do. In fact, he’s doing it now for a Southern high school. Training camps for young players, like the one the Manning family runs, could become more common if the right people get involved. Perhaps professional football could learn a lesson from soccer. Real Madrid, one of the world’s top soccer teams, made news when it signed a 13 year old boy not long ago. Now, the club is signing players even younger than that. As in online gambling, a bigger payoff in the future will require a larger investment now, YouWager’s analyst reminds us.


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