Online Sportsbook bettors watched as the Washington Redskins endure a very frightening moment as star quarterback Robert Griffin III was taken out of the contest between the Redskins and the Denver Broncos, in the fourth quarter. Griffin was listed as “questionable.” Many fans were immediately worried that Griffin’s ACL might have been injured again.

Far into the game, YouWager’s dedicated NFL football wagering fans saw RG3 get hit really hard as he attempted to throw a pass, and for many minutes, Griffin did not leave the field. He was holding his knee. Griffin eventually limped off to the sidelines as Redskin fans, and many players on the team, collectively held their breath, waiting for news from the club’s doctors. These included Dr. James Andrews, the surgeon to the stars who originally repaired Griffin’s torn ACL. Fortunately, the knee in question was his other one.

Backup quarterback Kirk Cousins attempted to cover for RG3, and Griffin did not return as Peyton Manning and his friends continued to dominate the game. Cousins threw for one touchdown and two interceptions. YouWager’s football bettors will remember how Washington’s head coach, Mike Shanahan came under much scrutiny for risking a fragile RG3 in the 2012 NFL football wagering season. Last year, many opinions about Shanahan fueled passionate discussions in the online betting community about the future of the team and its young star player.

Would a coach risk one of the country’s hottest double-threat quarterback to make it to the playoffs? Sure. At least, that’s how it looked to many Internet wagering enthusiasts. For all the excitement that Griffin’s arrival brought to the Washington Redskins, with possibility of mounting an impressive air attack or running strategies with one player. It soon appeared that Washington was betting on a bigger brighter future, and basing all of their hopes on the skills of one man.

Apparently, this kind of risk could still pay off.

Now, it appears that Washington still has some luck for the 2013 NFL season. According to a YouWager news source, Dr. Andrews, after examining Griffin, has officially pronounced him OK. Coach Shanahan, perhaps remembering the furor over his past decisions, said he resisted putting Griffin back in because of the score. The game progressed to become another huge victory for the Broncos.

During the fourth quarter, when Griffin went down, Denver’s defensive tackle, Terrance Knighton landed on his left knee. If Knighton had ended up on top of Griffin’s right knee, the Redskins might be facing an instant replay from last season. But now, with Dr. Andrews’ diagnosis, Griffin will probably be able to play in Week 9. In their next matchup, the Redskins have a home game against the San Diego Chargers. After losing to Denver 41-25, Washington is 2-5 for the season.


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