“It’s still about executing. I think everybody kind of knows going into the game plan, you’re not going to surprise people eight games into the season. We have to run the right depth on our routes. We have to catch the ball when it’s thrown to us. We have to put the ball on people when people are open. We have to hit the hole when the hole is there. We have to create a hole if the hole is not there. That’s just executing football.”

– Chip Kelly, head coach, Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles coach convinced defensive coordinators on other teams are still baffled by his offensive strategy

Some NFL football wagering fans optimistically predicted that Chip Kelly, the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles coach, might repeat the success he enjoyed at the University of Oregon, and revolutionize the National Football League. During his four seasons at Oregon, Kelly’s rapid-fire offense took the team to three Pac-12 championships and four BCS appearances. Online oddsmakers were more realistic about Kelly’s chances in the NFL.

Lately, as if to prove these Internet wagering experts are right, in the 2013 NFL football wagering season, Kelly has struggled to get his team in the end zone. In their last two matchups, the Eagles were not able to get a solid touchdown. Earlier, they beat the Redskins and the Giants, but they lost a rematch to the Giants, and they were defeated by the Bucs. These two losing teams combined, have a 4-18 record.

Kelly is still optimistic. He doesn’t seem to think that opposing defenses have understood his plays. He told a YouWager news source, “I don’t think people have figured out [our offense]. You can turn the tape on and watch six games of whoever you play, I can tell you what they’re going to do. I can tell you what Peyton Manning is going to do. You still have to stop them. They still have to execute.”

Jason Avant, a receiver for the Eagles, has said, publicly, that Philadelphia has a point deficiency because defensive coordinators have not adjusted yet to their unique offensive strategy. Kelly admits that strategy is great, but action is what counts, and that he has struggled to execute his plays.

Kelly had to resort to using his third-string quarterback, Matt Barkley. Barkley led the team to defeat in a 15-7 contest against with the Giants last Sunday. Receiver DeSean Jackson stepped out of bounds prematurely, and it cost them, Kelly says. He also thinks that losing Michael Vick and Nick Foles to injuries made more of impact on his team than opposing defenses. But as experienced sportsbook bettors know, the NFC East is not one of the strongest divisions in the NFL, so it may be time to wonder if the Chip Kelly experiment has worked at all.

If a lack of execution is Kelly’s excuse, as one NFL wagering expert at YouWager points out, only he can fix that. In fact, as head coach, it’s his job –if he wants to keep it.


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