Mark Cuban Admires David Stern: NBA News at YouWager

After 14 years on the job, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might be changing things around in regard to his reputation as the chief nemesis for outgoing NBA commissioner David Stern.

Cuban’s fine total from the NBA office for various infractions over the years have reached seven figures, and he has publicly criticized the commissioner on several occasions. Still, Cuban is speaking positively of Stern leading up to the commissioner’s Feb. 1 retirement after 30 years on the job.

“I love David,” Cuban said during a Tuesday interview “I mean, David and I have banged heads a couple times, [but] the truth be told, David Stern made me. Nobody knew who Mark Cuban was until he started fining the hell out of me and sent me to work at Dairy Queen. So he made my job of selling tickets a lot easier.”

Cuban worked a day at a Dairy Queen as a publicity stunt in Jan. 2002 after the basketball league fined him $500,000 for declaring that he wouldn’t hire then-NBA head of officiating Ed Rush to manage a Dairy Queen. The 55 year-old has said the $500,000 fine was the best marketing investment he could have made for the Dallas team

One of Cuban’s heaviest, most memorable fines was $250,000 for his behavior during the 2006 NBA Finals, when the Mavericks lost versus the Miami Heat in six games, a series remembered in Dallas for controversial officiating. Cuban made fun of Stern the next season by claiming that he attended “David Stern University” over the summer to learn how an NBA owner should act.

On several occasions, Cuban wore a “David Stern University” T-shirt during the 2006-07 season, particularly when he made national TV appearances. The Pittsburgh native said recently he still has the T-shirt and plans to wear it on Stern’s final day in office.

Furthermore, YouWager experts also learned Cuban said he’s determined to be assessed the final fine of Stern’s tenure.


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