“It’s exaggerated a little bit – the extent of what actually takes place in here. I think people think it’s some kind of zoo. That’s not what it really is. It’s blown up worse than the situation really is as far as how our locker room is.”

– Bryant McKinnie, offensive tackle, Miami Dolphins

Even a 360-pound tackle is afraid of an NFL investigation. Bryant Mckinnie, a 12-year veteran of the National Football League admitted to a YouWager news source that waiting to be interviewed made him uneasy. Attorney Ted Wells and his staff are investigating the bullying scandal for the league. McKinney compared the process to intimidating police procedures he has seen on TV detective shows.

”You know they’re here, and they don’t often come to people’s facilities,” McKinnie told YouWager source. ”You get a little nervous, I guess.”

Mckinney might have good reasons to fear any team investigations. His wild antics off the field have been documented before, in other scandals. Dedicated NFL football wagering fans will probably remember that in 2005 he was involved in the infamous Minnesota Vikings Sex Boat scandal. During the inquiry, the online betting community learned that several prominent NFL players engaged in sexual acts with prostitutes in what was described by some witnesses as a drug-fueled orgy. McKinney was later fined for his participation in the event. In 2006, after a street fight outside a Miami nightclub, McKinney was charged with aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. His punishment included community service and anger management classes.

Other players admitted the probe into Jonathan Martin’s allegations of harassment made them feel uncomfortable. Linebacker Philip Wheeler told YouWager’s source, ”I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t think any of us are looking forward to it.” Defensive lineman Jared Odrick said it wasn’t like getting in trouble in high school. ”No principal, no assistant principal, no guidance counselors, nothing,” he said.

McKinnie told YouWager’s source that Wells seems to be focusing on Miami’s offensive linemen. Some players are concerned that the investigation might create problems for Jim Turner, the team’s offensive line coach. Offensive Tackle Nate Garner, a veteran of 6 years in the NFL, said, ”He’s a great coach, the best o-line coach I’ve had in my life. I love him. I wouldn’t want to play for anyone else.”

Internet wagering fans may wonder how the interviews might impact Miami’s game with the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. At YouWager, the Dolphins are 4.5 underdogs in this contest.

According to McKinnie, the investigation has already had an effect on the atmosphere in the Dolphins locker room. ‘‘That’s the sad part about it,” he told YouWager’s source, ”You’re not going to be able to cuss in here.”


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