Not long from now, Super Bowl XLVIII will happen, in a stadium exposed to the elements, in one of the coldest parts of the country. According to YouWager’s resident historian, online football wagering enthusiasts will have to look all the way back to 47 years ago to find a time when football’s biggest game was staged outdoors, in cold weather. The coldest temperature ever recorded at kickoff time is 39 degrees, and that was when the Super Bowl was in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the old Tulane Stadium, 41 years ago.

If the Super Bowl is a Super Success with its Winter Wonderland type theme, in the 2013 NFL football wagering season, online bettors could see more cold weather championship games in the future. Yes, it could snow this year. But it could even be worse than that, actually. The Farmers Almanac prediction says this winter could be a bitter one. Sandi Duncan, the magazine’s managing editor, says, “It really looks like the Super Bowl may be the Storm Bowl.”

Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the NFL, told a YouWager news source that the event’s organizers have back-up plans for any weather-related challenges that might occur during the week of festivities in New York and New Jersey, near the site of the game. McCarthy said, “It would be disappointing if it didn’t, quite frankly. Weather and the elements are part of the game. And we are embracing it.”

In the heart of New York City, near Times Square, 14 city blocks will host on street parties and sled ride that drops from a 60-foot tall ramp. In New Jersey, “warming stations” will be erected outside the stadium. Fans with Super Bowl tickets will receive a gift package that includes earmuffs, hand warmers and other items. McCarthy said there won’t be any warming stations on the streets of New York City, “But you do have about 150 restaurants and shops right there,” he told YouWager’s source.

The outdoor Super Bowl will mean more work for the online wagering community, too. Obviously, weather, wind, and temperature will be factors to consider for any wager on the game, as well as any trends that might reveal how well the teams are prepared for these conditions. The added excitement the NFL hopes the winter might bring to the league’s championship match does introduce an element of risk to the proceedings. No one wants a repeat performance of the power outage that nearly derailed the game for Internet football buffs last year. The sports betting public can take comfort poring over player and team statistics, but predicting what the weather will do next is beyond all logic or deduction.

When sportsbook bettors consider the multitude of bets that will be placed on the game, the weather prediction for Super Bowl XLVIII could be the biggest wager.

One game official assured YouWager that preparations are in place. He said, “Cold-weather games are really nothing new for the NFL. And if it does snow, organizers will be ready for it. Both states are prepared to put their full arsenal of plows and salt trucks to make sure that roads are clear and safe.”


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