“It was a very disappointing finish to the game for sure.”
– Peyton Manning, quarterback, Denver Broncos

In the days leading up to the Denver Broncos/New England Patriots game on Sunday night, Internet football wagering buffs saw the hype and hoopla inflate to the point that the matchup was being billed as Brady-Manning XIV Bowl, a contest between the NFL’s top two quarterbacks. The final outcome actually did produce one of the most exciting games the online betting community has seen between Manning and Brady. Tom Brady and company appeared to be heading for an embarrassing defeat at the half, with the Broncos leading 24-0. The Patriots fumbled the ball 5 times. Brady’s air attack only amounted to 81 passing yards. But many of YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans were surprised when New England rallied to mount the biggest comeback in the club’s history, with 31 points. Denver countered with a touchdown in the fourth quarter to tie the game, but lost in overtime.

Articles by Monday morning quarterbacks have used many words to summarize Denver’s loss to New England. Peyton Manning only needed one. Manning appeared businesslike as he addressed reporters in a suit and tie, and he summed up his post-game mood for a YouWager news source this way: “Disappointed.”

Manning said he was not surprised when the New England’s head coach, Bill Belichick gambled on the wind and chose to kick off in overtime. “Because that’s what they do sometimes,” he told YouWager’s source.

When asked why Denver lost after such a strong first half, Manning said, “Obviously, the momentum changed. We turned [the ball] over, gave them some momentum. It’s hard when you give them a short field and put your defense in a bind. It’s difficult to overcome.”

Some online sportsbook bettors, expecting a high-scoring shootout, were startled to see the Broncos rely on their running game. Manning would only admit that this was not a game plan established earlier. “No,” he said, “The game plan is to move the ball and score points and, so obviously the running game was hot. Knowshon was running it well, the line was doing a great job, so it wasn’t necessarily the game plan. The game plan is to move the ball and we were moving the ball and running the ball. Knowshon was hot so we were riding him.”

Now, many football betting enthusiasts may be watching the weather forecasts before they make a wager on a Denver Broncos game. Speculation about the 37 year-old quarterback’s ability to play in the cold raises valid concerns. In temperatures less than 25 degrees, Manning’s performance was his poorest showing in the 2013 NFL football wagering season. He only threw for 150 yards, and only completed 19 of 36 passes. When Denver lost to Baltimore in the playoffs last season, the temp was just 13 degrees. As the league gears up for an outdoor Super Bowl in New Jersey, the temperature at that location could be a critical factor for any quarterback. Especially an aging player still recovering from surgery.

Manning carefully side-stepped a question about the temperature’s role in his loss to the Patriots, saying, “Like I said, our running game was working, so that’s what we were going with. When you’re running the ball well that’s a good thing for the offense. When you turn it over and give them two short fields, that’s disappointing – that’s not good execution. That’s kind of the way that worked out.”

Pressed to reveal more, Manning shrugged, and gave credit to the Patriots. “They’ve got a good offense, Tom’s a great quarterback,” Manning told YouWager’s source. “They made plays in the second half. We didn’t.”


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