“I’m very, very healthy. I was out of the hospital in four days. So, this isn’t due to poor lifestyle, not being healthy, too much stress, not enough stress. This is basically something I was born with that I needed fixed. I think the quick recovery speaks to what great shape I’m in.”

– John Fox, head coach, Denver Broncos


After John Fox collapsed on a golf course, he immediately underwent heart surgery. Now, he says he’s ready to get back to work. According to a YouWager news source, Fox will coach the Broncos when they face the Tennessee Titans in Week 14.

The Broncos released a statement that reads, “We are very pleased that his recovery from a heart procedure on November 4 has progressed so well. Our organization is confident that his health will allow him to meet his head coaching responsibilities. While no formal restrictions will be placed on his workload upon return, he will continue to be monitored by our medical staff as his well-being remains our number one priority. We look forward to Coach Fox’s return to the team on Monday.”

When coach Gary Kubiak returned to the Texans after his health issues, he coached from the booth, not the sidelines. Online sportsbook wagering buffs will be watching to see just how robust Fox appears in the game against Houston, to get an idea of the team’s stability, for the postseason. While Fox was away recovering from surgery, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio filled in as the interim coach for Denver. Under Del Rio, in their last 3 games, the Broncos have had a 2-1 run, for first place in the AFC West. When the Broncos host Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, in one of the most anticipated games of the weekend, the Chiefs will be 5 point underdogs at YouWager.

Denver’s offense, led by Peyton Manning, has broken several NFL records with their point production and passing yards this year. In the 2013 NFL football wagering season, Manning already has 33 touchdowns under his belt. Denver is scoring an average 41.2 points per game.

But the Chiefs have one of the best pass rushes in the league. This game, online oddsmakers say, should put it to the test. Manning not only leads the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns, he also benefits from a first-rate offensive line. Manning has been sacked 13 times in 2013. 29 other quarterbacks have been sacked more times. In Kansas City’s impressive string of victories, they only scored 30 points once. Their schedule has been one of the least challenging slates in the NFL this year. All of their opponents in the first 10 weeks of the 2013 football betting season have losing records.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Denver’s next game will be a cakewalk. Interim head coach Jack Del Rio told YouWager’s source, “We’re definitely on high alert wanting to protect our quarterback. We’ve got an even greater challenge coming up this week with a team that’s sacked quarterbacks more than anybody in this league. So, I’m sure that will get plenty of attention.”

When the Broncos square off against the Chiefs, they will be 5 point favorites at YouWager. The Total is 48.5. Game time on Sunday is 4:25PM Eastern.


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