Jason Kidd Reassigns Lawrence Frank: NBA News at YouWager

Due to friction and not sharing the same philosophy, Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd has reassigned assistant coach Lawrence Frank to a reduced role.


YouWager experts state that the relationship went sour after assistant coach Joe Prunty was chosen as interim coach instead of Frank when Kidd served a two-game suspension to start the NBA season. Some have confirmed that Frank was hurt by the decision.

The relationship was hurt even more when a problem arose between the two at the team facility after Kidd returned from the suspension.

The Brooklyn team appears to be siding with Kidd, respect the first-year head coach and prefer to hear one voice. The 40 year-old coach initially allowed Frank and assistant coach John Welch to handle the defensive and offensive duties. However, Frank had the most head-coaching experience on the staff, and often his voice was the loudest at practices. Sources say the team’s players felt Frank was over-coaching earlier in the season.

However, more recently Frank has been less demonstrative on the bench than he was earlier in the season. The Nets organization tried to smooth things over in recent weeks with the concern that the coaching staff could be divided. However, things didn’t work out this way.

According to Kidd, “This is the decision that I had to make, and we made it and we move on.” This statement came before the Nets were routed 111-87 at home by the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night. “This is my decision in the sense of what I had to do. It’s about basketball. That’s it.”


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