Has an injury epidemic hit the league?

With so many starting football players on the benches these days, has the game suffered? NFL analyst Ron Jaworski told a YouWager news source, “We’re seeing a lot of players hurt. You’re seeing a lot of new players going out on the field, not ready to play, not in condition to play. And you’re seeing bad football and a lot of injuries right now.”


Experienced sportsbook bettors know that injuries have always been a factor in NFL football betting. But why are they seeing so many backup players in important positions, in the 2013 NFL football wagering season? In the first 10 weeks, 9 quarterbacks went on the injured list. 12 weeks in, 48 players started as quarterback. For comparison, that number was 47 in 2012. 7 clubs have started 2 quarterbacks this year. 5 have started 3.

There has been a lot of turnover on the other side of the ball, too. ESPN analyst Louis Riddick, a former NFL defensive back, told YouWager’s source, “Offensively, the game is great if you like seeing the ball thrown around. But defensively, quite honestly, there are only a few teams that I see these days that, when I watch them play, remind me of what I’m used to seeing in the NFL.”

Some online oddsmakers don’t feel the NFL is developing new talent fast enough, pointing to the shortage of great quarterbacks. Others analysts point to the fact that college football offenses don’t always translate to the National Football League. Just ask Walt Kelly. The former Oregon wizard, who now serves as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, did not dazzle Internet wagering fans, out of the gate. There’s a learning curve, the experts say.

Riddick says many defenses have not kept up with the changes these offenses bring to modern football. He told YouWager’s source, “This offensive explosion in the colleges and the pros, those advances have not been met with equal and opposite resistance from the defensive side. There has been too much emphasis placed on having as much as possible in your defensive playbook to combat these schemes instead of teaching what is in the playbook. You’re seeing some very, very unsound fundamental play, especially in coverage, and it’s obvious to anyone who is watching it.”

Dr. Mark Adickes has another theory.

Adickes, a former NFL player, is now an orthopedic surgeon. He maintains size is a major factor. He told YouWager’s source, “Quite simply, guys are getting bigger, stronger and faster. If you’re getting bigger, stronger and faster, then as you run or even just move around, if muscles aren’t firing just right, you’ll see forces that can’t be withstood without an injury.”


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