Hopefully it doesn’t snow that bad. But a little trickle down, that would set the mood off pretty well.”

– Jason Kelce, center, Philadelphia Eagles

If February 2nd brings a blizzard to New Jersey, Super Bowl XLVIII could be one of the most exciting championship games YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans have ever seen. It could also be a joke. A horrific comedy of errors.

The Philadelphia/Detroit game proved that. Lane Johnson, an offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, commenting on the absurdity of gigantic 300 pound men trying to play football in a snowstorm, told a YouWager news source that they felt “like cows on ice.”

Will meteorologists make the smartest Super Bowl wagers this season?

Even science cannot accurately predict the weather with complete certainty. That was something online bettors realized with Sunday’s game in Philadelphia, between the Eagles and the Detroit Lions. The official weather forecast for the game only predicted a light ‘dusting.’

But the snow began to fall, very heavy, more than an hour before the game, and it didn’t get better until nearly the end. Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy told YouWager’s source, “They warned us it could be bad, but not this bad.”

Before kickoff time, the entire field was covered. It snowed so hard, one Internet sportsbook bettor said he felt he was watching the game through a snow dome. In the first quarter, it was impossible for TV viewers to even see to the other end of the field. Snow was collecting on the heads of the fans in the stands. Snow blowers were trotted out frequently to clear the yard lines, but there was only so much that the ground crew could do as 8 inches dropped on Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Some bettors felt the snow gave Chip Kelly’s Eagles time to find a way to win 34-20.

As the online wagering community saw in Philadelphia, heavy snow can change everything. Even field goals may be impossible. Nimble players will slip and fall. What good are brilliant plays when receivers, cannot run their routes? Defenders struggle, too. Basic moves can go ballistic.

If the blizzard in Philadelphia wasn’t a sample of what online wagering buffs can expect in February, here’s another preview, for the Snow Bowl Super Bowl, at MetLife Stadium in North Jersey, from the Farmer’s Almanac:

“Intense storm, heavy rain, snow, strong winds. This could seriously impact Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2.”

Uh oh.


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